Saved (day 433)

I have fallen along a slippery slope
Down through the crevices and over the knolls
Past the gnarly trees with giant roots
Over the thick grass as it stained my shorts
Under the bridge that held me up
Past the house the weened me home
Around the school that taught me so
And through the gates that held me out
And then, as I grew exhausted
At the bitter edge of the world
I was saved by a thought

Fallen Stars and Broken Limbs (day 382)

All the angels walk away
Leaving the heroes to pick up the pieces
Fallen stars and broken limbs
The world still spins upon its axis

Beautiful rhythm must also begin to end
It must roll its time and feel its caesura
The land my roar its silent beauty
The trees must hold forever their introspective gaze

And forever this girl with wings
Shall remember what deeds she has done
With fallen stars and broken limbs
Interfering on her plane ride home