On A Horse (day 3045)

From there I watched her on her horse
(I watched her trot around)
So deeply connected I knew I saw
Trust understanding more.
It was an outcrop
In the mountainside;
A landscape so proud,
So rocky and full of trees
That made each step a wonder of
Landscape yet unseen.
My eager eyes
That watched her go
They called after her then,
For one day we dreamed would be
The day she’d come to me.
Through the trees
She came and went
Beyond and within my sight,
Until, sweat upon her mane,
She rested at a pond
That croaked and chirped and gurgled too
Just as night’s crickets do,
And then at once
Off she went
A horse and she who knew.

Two Lovers (day 154)

Late at night; the hue hung around
Two lovers stood transfixed and poised
Naked to their eyes, car honks of agreement
Two lovers stand gazing and aroused

The stretch was done and the food all gone
Two lovers made their way to each other
Stop signs and eager minds
Two lovers make friends with their lips

Rock and roll, with disregard
Two lovers find room in back seats
Car boots, and door steps
Two lovers find the night far too short