Into Fire (day 2379)

Whistling to myself as I
Float on into a fire

Carry this for me a while
Rumbling as the chains do roll
An offering shall go

Love last breaths I give away
Evening cherishes mine name

Thunderstorm and rainclouds
Unearthed and saving gravity
Such lays ahead thou plan

Reighning in thy terror’s breath
Hallowed in contempt.

Mother (day 355)

Your honesty is overwhelming when you walk away like that
Here I am pouting, you talk on your phone
Clearly I’m demanding attention from you, mom
Clearly you’re not interested, lame bastard I am
These marks on my being will forever be scarred
I cannot forget them, ingrained in my conscience
I will grow old and remember with contempt and disdain
Perhaps not this moment, but many like it will come

Mother, please help me
I need your kind patience
Help me to find it
What will make me a man
Then in my pastime
When idle and old
I’ll remember you fondly
As a good mother should be