Full Love

Today I choose full love
That grapples at my conscious edges
My error code
Tumbling down dark mode numbered lines,
Plainly and painfully
Guarding my thought patterns
That lead me away from full love
Which I choose to keep today
In my basket of offline organics
Springing to life within me.

Edge of Tomorrow (day 2059)

On the edge of tomorrow
I am a factory worker
I wear what’s given to me
And I smile when prompted.

On the edge of tomorrow
I’ve never dared to dream
Of a wild outback
Where animals run free.

On the edge of tomorrow
I have left all my reason
With a command of salutations
And two badges of compliance.

On the edge of tomorrow
My routines are commands
My strategy is an order
And I die for a code.

Compile Errors (day 187)

I see lines and lines
That spin real fast
They close they open
They slam on the brakes

The time it took
For this built code
Is far too long
And moving far too slow

Perhaps I’m inadequate
Perhaps my skill’s low
Perhaps it’s just hard
Complicated computations

I’ve tried very hard
I’ve not slept much at all
I’ve not seen the outdoors
It seems it’s years

So please, dear computer
Make my night tonight
Make me happy inside
With a compile to smile about