Precious Life (day 3027)

What is the sadness we have in our life?
Work begun and living story;
A moment lost in peeling paint,
Lost as sand that blows.
When rhythm runs straight through thy soul,
Collapsing each fear in its spot.
Center my state around the pinnacle
Of rusting nail so beaten,
Cry again some sweet gold tears
Precious as rhododendron petals.

Self Doubt Gallows (day 2417)

I held my hand out to the sky
An act of bold courage
Asking for the strength within;
It was to me as clear
As the sky I reached towards
Already upon my breast
Telling me what little I knew
What steps I had begun
More sternly though
What steps I had to go.
So I clenched my fist down
Emancipated at once
From the gallows of self doubt.

City Row (day 456)

Peaceful serenade slips over my body like the cool morning sun
Lighting up each tiny hair that caresses the moist air
Memories flicker back and forth between last night and dreams
And I look cooly on as mother nature alights another day

Down below the children cry for hunger
Sitting slouched with angel dust covering their smiles
Walking silently, deep in thought the restless go
Another day has begun again, deep in the city row

Answers (day 379)

I can’t understand the meaning of the answers I receive
Torn from my belly like the beast that’s suffered alive
Wholly ridiculed amongst the ashes and the saints
Saved by no one, and no one can remain inside

All around, as the children gathered to hear the stories
The red venom spewed out like an infection: unstoppable
All around the eyes opened like saucers full of secrets
Began with two loaves of bread, two slices of cheese

Throughout the streets the cobblestones rattled
From the distance all could hear the dull roar or thunder
Presses were laid, patterns were played
The final decent was begun, the line was rung