Then (day 461)

Head held high in this state of disbelief
Luck is the cards played this morning
Fortunate is the destiny I’ve swallowed whole

But I’ve abused you in your unrelenting
I’ve neglected nurturing our seed
Is this the answer, is this the way?

And you, stealer of the future
You’ve come and snatched up the drooping strings
That dragged along the floor so low

I’ve left a lover, then
I’ve held a lover, then
I’ve used a lover

Don’t cry you mocking angel over there
Standing with your wings so proud
Carrying the glue that holds the twine

Crooked boards and squeaky wheels
Bring along the wagon of tomorrow
At a light trot and loose reigns

I’m leaving now
The work of unfinished bruises
The footsteps in the mud