Lips (day 183)

Flapping the wheels go round and round
Waving the children; move right along
Lips they motion the absence of time
Lips they motion the absence of time

Wrap me in cashmere, watch it unwind
Peel it back slowly, wasting our time
Lips they crawl: searching, imploring
Lips they crawl: searching, imploring

Never mind what’s in the rhyme
Focus the grind on movement inside
Lips in the dark make movement less cautious
Lips in the dark make movement less cautious

Only today will bring us happiness
Forget tomorrow, I’ll follow you there
Lips remind me I’ve got no more searching
Lips remind me I’ve got no more searching

Flutter (day 182)

She lies motionless as I engrave her grace
Enchanted she is as animate as motionless
Yet somehow, without movement or flutter
She is everywhere inside of me
Raping, grasping, pulling, embracing
She motions me to open up
Allowed the emotions they flow together
Shut off, she lies there, a motionless circle
We always play the wrong things
We always love the wrong things

A Smaller Time, A Greater Mind (day 181)

Remind me soon of days long gone
A heavy tune, a raging song
Hockey skates and falling snow
Made up the nights as I would go

Remember when the goals were big
When laughing came so easily?
I’ve never lost those days of youth
But somethings gone, perhaps uncouth

I fear not, those dancing days
For I know the world in many ways
I’ve slept with saints
I’ve rebelled with sinners

But youth, it still, as time does pass
Reminds me of some greener grass
A teenage crush, a longing stare
Of now it seems I’ve more to care

Forget me not, my lovers stare
Remember the time we lost: were bare
Hold me now, and hold me tight
Today is good, I’ve got more fight

School (day 178)

Test after test
I am hit with defeat
Smacked in the face
Omnipresent beep

Retry and save
Wait and edit
Round and round
The circle we go

Fighting fears
Deadlines ahead
Fighting gears
Mind spinning instead

Longer hours means
No sleep tonight
More to do

I’m almost through

Dear Mother (day 177)

Directly, I feel blessed
I feel warmed without, within
Your calls, your worries
Mom, they mean everything to me

I can only hope
In all my ways of good and bad
That I may just, in some small way
make up for it, with my kind replies

I may not want to be facebook friends
And I may not want your opinion on style
But, dear sweet mom,
Your hugs are welcome at any time

I know, I know, I’ve got your recipe
For chocolate chip oatmeal, deliciousness in a cookie
But mom, I mean it when I do say
They’ll never be as good as the ones sent my way

Take care, my mother
Take care of your health
Mind is important
Happiness everyday

These Dreams (day 176)

I want to run my hands
Along the coast of your heart
Down the ridge of your back
Along the peaks of your curves

I want to create these memories
Like sun baked carvings in the sand
Washed away with time
It was about the game rest assured

I want to traverse these cliffs
With the gravity of your kiss
Propelled with your hands
Gently urging me forth

I want to lounge in these valleys
Where the grass does grow deep
I want to lounge in these valleys
I want to sing with these trees

The Good Things (day 175)

The heart of gold
The bubbles in a champagne flute
The dots on the i’s
The fragrance in the flower
The sun behind the clouds
The laughter from a child
The rainbow in the rain
The pride in a win
The clean sheets after laundry day
The A+ on the report card
The warm soup on a cold day
The tears in Casablanca
The full roll of toilet paper
The sunlight on the sea
The twinkle in the eye
The smell of sea salt on the wind
The clean pair of undies
The dollar down the couch
The full fridge of food
The last piece of chocolate
The window seat
The final keystroke
The cookies in the oven
The secret admirer
The phone call from mom
The belch after a fine meal
The slow song with a dance partner
The look from across the room
The old noir film, with Audrey Hepburn of course
the pressed flower, forgotten in a book
The fall leaves, brilliantly shining
The secretly witnessed kiss
The friend at the front of the line

~ This poem is a collection of the conversation my dear friend @thelongsilence of twitter and I had, discussing the illustrious @tjpou, who you can gather each of our feelings towards in this dialogue. For the record, I started it with “The heart of gold”, and we alternated from there.