Steam Engine (day 1566)

Can you imagine my heartbeat
– Pitter patter it goes –
Living in a coiled roll
Ready to pounce and 
Starting at the slightest of moments.
Can you imagine breath
Holding itself upon faint whispers
Scarcely at my lips,
Crawling around lightly
Like a steam engine
Going by at hours counted
By my tick-tock heartbeat.

Steam Engine by Ned Tobin

Morning Ritual (day 1565)

My morning ritual is equal parts balance and disregard.
I curl out of long embraces
And yearn for another warm
Set of arms that can caress me
As coffee does.
My heart is ready, and embraces
Randomized patterns of light
Streaming through South-East facing windows,
And entirely unready for children screaming
As they bounce their balls
Through the playground across the street.
Even conversation is hard when my thoughts still linger
About webs my subconscious wove
Whilst I rested a while.
And here I am, embracing dry, heat infusing sun
And stepping naked into boxed rain
That shall strip me of these memories
And click restart
For a clean day I shall reign.

Evening Rainbow (day 1564)

I watched a rainbow slowly cross the sky last night,
Wishing upon the earth two saintly moments of fleeting clarity
That soon washed into the sea
With a distant siren that bled maroon.
My kaleidescope of love patterned Opalesque
Onto the back of my hand,
Which I watched like a psychedelic memory
Until once again the giant autumn sun
Quivered in the darkening sky
And laid its sleepy plans and rustic tools down
For an evening of mystery and forbidden colors.

Cried Wolf (day 1563)

My undocked pride scraped noisily
Along an upturned desk;
Persophony had come down low
To loiter around a summer pool.

A loud memory cried wolf
As the phone chimed a familiar tune;
Prometheus at last
Wrangled to the bone.

Deadly as a fool to begin,
My yearning wasn’t a sin;
Lashed out with sharp teeth
– Crying, Demeter’s subtlest revenge.

Hologram (day 1561)

I learned my anxiety is a hologram.
I felt heavy steps upon late sleeps
That woke me up into darkness.
I lunged deeper into an evil battle
Spoken in tears and whispers,
Draining out sweat and
Tearing my limbs, one by one.
I shuffled my restlessness
To steal my ‘buts’ and ‘nos’
From every word I heard this voice speak
Until even I had lost this anxious feeling,
Leaving me reflecting previous states
Of a captured image,
Shifting from frame to frame.