Into the Dusk (day 423)

From out beyond the wind swept distance
A lone figure walks steadily
Into the day I dream a bit
Of what could be their mission
Perhaps it was to seek an answer
Perhaps it was to wander
Perhaps there would be no way to solve
This riddle, even living in the shoes

The figure that I watch go
Pauses every now and then
Watching up, towards the sky
As companions keep the way
And I, a bystander, silently cheer
While the sun continues to whip
Towards the West, the horizon: bold
The light we cannot hold

For there we charge
Into the dusk
The eyes that cannot see
From here we lurk
The empty land
As the sun it cannot fill
The marching time
Shall soon present
What then shall escape us no more

If You Had It All (day 422)

If you had it all
Would you be satisfied
Would you walk along the beaches
Knowing the world was in your hands?

If you had it all
Would the sun set upon your brow?
Would you play with the birds
And know that you had won?

If you had it all
Would the answers be known?
Would you never begin a tear
Knowing that it would bring you no answer?

If you had it all
Would you hope for something more?
Would you stare into the night sky
Knowing he was looking back?

Confusion (day 421)

The confusion is like Clouds today
Perfectly shapely and full of volume
But unconvinced of whether they like the sun
Or if the sun has had it’s fun and should be sent away

It confuses me as I roll here
Along the sandy tides of earth and light
I step along the meadows of deep
To come forth with my own delight

And when the sun has further chased Clouds away
Green grass and leaves of trees do flutter
Shaking their selves to and fro
Pulling at the unconvinced rays of Clouds gates

Perhaps all that’s needed is to stand and stretch
To grow my wings unlike Creon’s folly
To learn from wisdom, and heed all advice
But lessons unclear confuse my direction

Oedipus’ Tragedy (day 420)

Oh Oedipus, if only you could have known
The tragedy that did flow forth from the eve of your destruction
For naught was your kin to be saviors in time
All, they did perish by tragedy of this fate
Your sons by the sword at each others helm
Your daughter at the mercy of her own hereditary will
Charged with the faith of many holy gods
Desired to bury the son whom died of the other
Fighting against a land that belonged to the father
One was a hero, the other a traitor
But the daughter of your loins, Antigone was her name
Heeded no threats by your wives own brother’s mouth
Who had since taken your name to be that of his own
Ruler of the land, Thebes by earth
She ignored the new law to let buzzards and dogs be the choice
Your traitorous son did choose with his arms
Daughter of yours, strong willed in her ways
Brought with her an axe, to lay a dead man to honor
But your wives own brother, who had claimed your name
Did take great offense, and charged with insane
Took to see Justice, to claim his new name
Sent your daughter, his own blood in thy name!
Further, to be wed to his son the young Haemon
Off to a cave, locked in by stones
To fight her own life, will or the knife
To which she did charge to the noose with pride
Haemon to the sword, your nephew to the sword!
In marriage they did die
Oh the wives, what fate they did rise
Your wife, your own mother, did take to shame
Sent herself up the rope, and dangled in vain
In time, the wife of your daughters executioner, Eurydice
Did create a bloody knife, upon hearing the news
Of her own offsprings end to his fate
Her husband, Creon’s blunders did cause much more harm
Than the unknowing valiance of your noble way
Roll in your grave! Blind man as thee
See not the sun, but the darkness, forever more

Send Letters (day 419)

Give me memories that make me wish I wasn’t so far away
Swallow my soul into a bottle of translucent liquid marked fun
Crave something for which spaces only nurture
For which less distance can only satisfy
Purge my soul of all its desires that land on the outside
Make it swallow with those still in your nose kind of feelings
Make it curl toes and wrinkle backs into silent signs of joy
And send letters when the words escape you

In My Little Bubble (day 418)

Float on you crazy thoughts
Into the endless days of tomorrows choices
That come and go like bottles of wine
Emptied to quickly
Still to cheap to care
The haze that glows around me
Dim lights pulsating at the walls
Voices that murmur around their tables
Clinking glasses and small talk
Laughs that carry no meaning
Easy music going down smooth
Into the surreal atmosphere
Huddling in a little circle
In my little bubble

Summer Night (day 417)

Perhaps the clothes didn’t belong on your body
It was a sign that they should be thrown away
Tossed aside like a used banana peel

It was all I could do to stop myself from clawing at them
Ferocious like an ravenous wild animal

Practiced in the mirror many nights alone
That swagger that brought you to me was mesmerizing
Little things inside fit together like suspenders on tight pants

Something inside snapped loosening the grip on consciousness
Telling me slow but yelling at me loud

Slight smell of desire, tequila, on her lips
The night crawled like the lazy street lights
Of a mid summers midnight romp always feel like

Memories cursed through my veins when the sweat began to pour
Memories of a smell I can’t remember and a night I can’t forget

Breath that rolled out like a freight train
Synchronized with the wheels of motion stuck under our hearts
Whispering secrets into places that can’t hear a thing

Slipping into the nether region of things that last forever
Remembering that not all things good will last anyways

Clouds (day 416)

The clouds that cover the outlets
Form mysteries about the faint, winter breaths
Whispering echos across the hallways and through closed doors
Crawling up to the open windows that mark the edges of sanity
Sleek metal surfaces cause symbolic reverberations
Nestling their way through the gates of that which is never closed
Gone are the ribbons that present the pretty box
Lost long ago with the mermaids that kicked and swam deeper

The Morning (day 415)

The morning fights into my eyes
Prying me from the warm cocoon
Of the flannel mother
And soaks me to my bone
Quickly cleaning
The soggy drops
Of left over residue
From the sleeping fairies

But as I stretch out the cobwebs
And look into the full sun’s shine
I realize how perfect it is
To refresh ones mind
With many hours
Of thought filled dreaming
For in the morning
When eyes are opened
I rise refreshed
To the sound of birds