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Megalith (day 1960)

I could write out the sounds of a thousand butterflies,
Or hooves of ten blazing stallions;
I could impress the weight of three falling leaves,
Or hardness of one megalith;
I could fall to your feet in Roman respect,
Or your arrow you’ve sent on the run;
I could find every fruit in the garden of Autumn,
Or a reason to look far away;
I could let a simple dream drift off like a wish
But I’ll never let your heart away.

Of Delicacy (day 1820)

To wish away cruelness
Tap against night’s rain
Linger in a soft gaze
Float about a name.

A paw against green grass
Sound amidst deep silence
Precious moments first awake
Gospel of harmony.

Hand upon arching back
Soul touch tingling neck
Gaze upon a sweet moon
Mist upon dark sea.

Of Delicacy by Ned Tobin

Safety (day 1698)

I looked at the wrinkles on my hands
The moment you walked out our door.
I won’t pretend I have again
Washed the surface of my heart.
I have started ruling around
Uneven cobbles on my surface,
I have begun to admit uneasily
This wasn’t the safety you wished for.

To Remain (day 1541)

This shaking, this rumbling.
This unbeatable flogging
Working its red rings upward
In a re-wired set of desires,
Flushing out rotten apples
And pushing in-depth scrolls
Fully open to reveal my moments
I have wished would remain covered.

Beating Me Down (day 1331)

In the end, we never really know what we’re coming up against.
Like a thrill seeking pre-teen with ill conceived notions of danger.
…life ain’t a movie man. Life just ain’t like that.

So there we are, hanging out with our dicks up Five street.
I shot into darkness as if I knew this foreign lover language;
But never did skies open for my warmest of wishes.

Collapse! Collapse my dear lover, it’s gone on too far.
I’ve pushed to the end and I’m not quite back again.
…Whisper my madness with two squiggled lines to display it in this dust.

Misunderstanding again with my heart. It is drawstrings. It is amicable.
It is pleasing to eyes that only pray upon sunsets.
It is a thousand masterpieces; perfected.

I cannot hurry your authorship, for wind is at neigh and folly on the deck.
A thousand hungry scavengers await in lost calluses at bays end,
Like cavernous regions of our shoreline amidst Gaia’s sweetest affection.

Cower young souls, breath in foul punches of thine enemy,
Congruency only relays smartest on deftest of blokes.
Carry this lanyard on further, as wayward as you choose.

Mind, Soul, Body (day 882)

To lose is time
To sing is drown
To laugh is lost
Wither my mind

To hard is cruel
To long is wish
To watch is hope
Uncover my soul

To wash is dirt
To hunt is life
To feed is health
Deliver my body