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Carry Me Away (day 2114)

Clearly when I stepped aside
I should have worn my trench-coat
A bitter torrent swept me off
Into a dreary day
Umbrella was of no use
For it was quickly laid to waste
And I, naked
Lacked any hope of saving grace
And the storm rolled on
As my footsteps carried me away.

Loaded Gun (day 1398)

Such a waste,
When lying naked
Beside a loaded gun,
That it should find
Itself unfired,
Like our great time of haste.

Pushing (day 730)

I roll around waiting for that shit to hit my head
Spinning relentlessly in this uncomfortable bed
I know not what has passed through this body
Just fumes and discarded waste left now
Memories that don’t lead to filled in blanks
It’s crushing, this deep sadness that spins around
The scribbled out pages of stunted thoughts
I work at pulling out words, but only vowels fall out
Shifting around uneasily like a shy cowboy
Fumbling with vices picked up from long hours
Out on the range with thoughts and dreams
I roll around waiting for that shit to hit my head

All of It (day 179)

All day a waste
All night is gone
All time has passed
All love has left
All history erased
All friends dead
All memories forgotten

And all that’s left
Of all of it
Is my own presence