Don’t Breathe Yet (day 2468)

I keep turning over sideways
You’ve been here on my mind
Not wanting to inhale yet
Memory’s still tacitly strong
Fingers on my lips and
Have I dialed the number wrong?
Won’t take my hand away
Counting each new beating pulsate
Your toxic touch has infatuate
Has taken to my mind
Turning over a new song
That lets me wonder on.

Between the Hours (day 823)

I think I forgot my whispers
Ones that wrote of yonder Princes
Striking down foreign conquerors
Wooing fair maidens
And stringing hearts of a thousand courtly ladies
While helping down the fair damosel
Just returned from toxic waters of journeyed shores

I think I forgot to share my love
To shout aloud upon the clouds
About the sky I journeyed to
As the lofty journeyer goes
Where lost was I upon seeing the hawk
And starlings grow
But couldn’t I, in all my guise
Demand a prize forever young

I never knew
I never dreamed
I never sat about the stream
For there I was
Shallow waters
Lost thought

I think I forgot an ancient order
That chivalry demanded
And Providence triumphed
That lasted ’til the morrow gathered
Which never came for long was laughter
Long were hands that guided home
Between the hours of jubilee & rest

I Know You Here (day 510)

Don’t pull on my leg man
With your hallowed out guitar
Lonely voice searching in the distance
Grasping at things that make
Tears roll off of lovers eyes

Don’t paint with that color
It pulls down the clouds closer
And fills up this glass with toxic
Veins of remorseful vengeance
Gritting teeth and small snarls

I know you when your standing naked
Loose fitting clothes beside you
No glitter, no leather
Just you and soft voices and delicate touches
Eyes closed now, I know you here