Hold Me Back (day 2469)

I danced to remember a feeling I had
While roaming alone on Pier Twenty One
Music so hypnotic I had hardly known
Whose eyes I had met with, feverish tone
At first it was silent, the music inside
Spotlight extended to one single soul
Hair twisting sideways each time it lasted
Steps that soon took my heartbeat along
Hands that soon felt for my returning heat
I’m sure that we danced here, but all I remember
Is the way that her eyes would instantly flash
A smile that would curl from the side of her eyes
That took on a new beat erupting inside
And the night ran away as we danced, now, along
To instincts we found in a feeling we now had.

Dull Tones (day 566)

A dull dreary day soaks into my conscience
Forcing me to slumber around for hours
Listlessly observing time tick by
Relentlessly wondering what next I should do
As I forcefully tick off tasks
One by one as the day mopes on

I watch bubbles develop inside the old glass of water
One by one they float to the surface
Releasing from water the morsels of goodness
Leaving behind some stale and stagnant
Capsule of soon-to-be-down-the-drain
Dirty plates and licked clean cutlery

Optimistic floats through the air here
Thudding with a dull tone into the stratosphere
Where it slowly envelopes the soul
Steps forward into time with head held high
Hoping for a moment that will erupt like thunder
Catapulting the now into very near future

So onwards we go, upwards we soar
The hope fills our sails, the uproar begins
Children gather round, adults stop at their works
The bustle and hurry comes to a halt
Patrons within distance strain with their ears
Warm fuzzy light pulls at all to be reckoned