Life is Lonely (day 2411)

Life is lonely
There’s no getting around this fact;
There’s no bluer sky,
Or cloudless forever horizon;
There’s no cup of coffee
That can satisfy longer than it takes
To sign your name to a bill.
And when you feel you’re getting caught
In a wirlwind of unlonely,
A ghastly calm shall succeed
Like a dance that ended
When your eyes were closed,
Lost in sweet reverie.
Life is lonely
And the birds are really singing to you,
Or they’re not because they do go silent too;
Sun will inevitably say goodnight
Or hide behind a thick backlit veil,
Looking the other way
As the day passes by,
And you wont reach out
Because you are silently alerted
To your own lonliness
And it feels better, for some reason,
To speak without an audible sound
And inevitably pretending
That your next cup of coffee
Will solve all of these reflecting mirrors.

Pandora’s Equinox (day 1488)

On the ni’ of equinox
A solstice be thy summer’s name
Flood my gates with sacred hearts
Soul be in thine orchestra.

And dancers of Pandora’s secrets
Lay thee interests – deeply furrowed,
Upon thy stage for moonlight glow
Which pierces hearts and spares no souls.

A love shall lift thee like a sun!
A love shall unite life into one!
To where all sounds soon taper off
Into night’s celebration: dancing decadence.

Rays (day 1221)

Billowing out from beyond my belief,
Strangling the storm windows
Which turns me blank with divert.
I cross out
Little errors that shape my tomorrow
Without missing a beat.
Yet here I am,
Following little sounds
Towards curious places
And letting my soul speak and be heard.
How curious these rays become.

Swings (day 1057)

Because delicate sparks
Flew towards
The sor-cerers pot.
Can you sit
For a while
Just to
Sing me a song
Like there is love
All around
You’re in love
With a sound.
Through my heart
To the ground
Beautiful words
Swing around.

[and the soundtrack to the poem, on repeat if you wish]

Signatures (day 1022)

Where dizzying spells
Slowly pulled me around
To break sound echoing
Of morning Woodpeckers

Resting my eyes
Into the darkness
Into the evening
Into my soul
That searches endlessly
As torches blaze on
In the far off distance
Awaiting our great Mother
To signal once more
That daybreak is upon us

Rupturing tranquility
Into a heavens daze
A fresh smell of lilacs
And signatures begin their drawl

All In A Whisper (day 471)

Whisper to me those voices of the night
The ones that cool the soul and feed the breeze
And make words come alive
As leaves in the wind tempt their fate
Can grass that grows tall
Fuel love amongst willow trees
Moonlit like swampy marshes on spooky nights
Deep within the voodoo’s glare

What would you say to me
As we walked along streets at night
Lost in lust and thinking of love
Breaking through sheets of glass
That shatter, never ending grasping
At straws for real life
Stuck beneath the surface without such a voice!

Into my ear where hearing is best
Make out the future we wish for in rhythmic charm
Make the shadows that glare
From recesses of lost thoughts
Forgotten by whirlwinds that creep into corners
Make me dream of that which is now spoken
Make the dearest thoughts flow forth
Like rivers in spring
Make my fever spill forth with such fervor
As to set forth a blaze in the dead of night
Make grass bend and sway
In cool winds of night

Tell me to stay and I’ll forget tomorrow
With words that sound so sweet
Wafting through the air like sounds of night
Pleasing to even the most strayed of beasts
Settling random thoughts of chaos
Honoring un-riddled history of Gods
Playing pipes of the last crowned mistresses
And forgetting no last champion sitting proud at the feast

This and all that was left in a whisper
A cloud of thought that formed from sound
A clarity of pressures that erupted from the invitation
A dance with the softest of moves