Little Bubbles (day 386)

Silent lights blink calmly at me
Through these eyes of rain
Drizzling away the dust stains
With deep and dark circles of water
Soaking inwards to the core
With little bubbles of vitalization
Gaining new experiences they boost
The little tiny hairs that reside
On the back of my neck
Waiting just for moments like these
To tell me how I feel

Wasted Skin (day 334)

I wasted my hands on you
Ripping skin back
In heated passion
Closed my eyes
To remember nothing
Soaked my tongue in your essence
To drown away the memories
I’ve wasted to much time
To hate on you
Myself is the enemy of the past
This which I never had
This isn’t sin
In these dark times anymore
This is the market
Of unsung heroes
We won’t remain
The laughing disgrace
The horns shall grow
In him, and shall reign