Secret Map (day 2390)

I want to know your secret map
More immense than a shooting star
Follow stardust trails
From earlobe to tippy toe.

I want to know what it feels like to dance
Your skin so rouge my undone touch
Landing with a handful of
Deepened grasping of a secret scent.

I want to know where to fit you in
An eager route I’m turning up
Galaxy of your rising sun
Lost and eyes wide open.

This Old Map (day 2144)

I could sell you an old map
Of my own handwriting
With stars on every place
We should learn to call our home.
I’d carve into every signpost
Where we’d walk up and down Broadway
Our names forever
And our old hands together.
I’d sail away on every sea
With wind of your full soul
And plunge right in I’d dive again
To find the pearl of your heart.

Thrice See Thrice Blind (day 851)

My fingers have turned to dust
Allotting memories two square feet
Of layered hemp paper

Verbally spewing thoughts
That catch like pitch
To unwritten scripts

I’m lost
I’m good with maps
Thine eyes, thrice see thrice blind

Then too shall winds sweep
Lifting footsteps laid deep
Leaving unwritten the paths going back

Emotional Eyes (day 846)

Shifting deep within
Subtle contradiction between then and now
Tugging at my sleeve
Asking to align settings

Fresh; fancy free
Walks beside me, whispering in my ear
Nuzzling my lobes like a lost lover
Encouraging my engagement, my desires

On a whole other level
Desire meets dreaming
Mystery walks on into horizons
Free of all maps forced to lines

Divinity lowers its lotus petal
A launching pad towards the source
Talking with emotional eyes
Love filled with pure energy

It’s a Struggle (day 833)

The soul of a man was never here
There was never a judgement day
The seas never parted for sanctity
No dove soared over these skies

There was no path along the way
No dotted map mapped out
The road was never straight
And the going was never easy

I was never taught vowels to speak
Never held to stop the fall
My cuts were never cleaned
No wounds have ever healed

No grapes have ever grown here
The sky has never rained
Carrots have always stunted
No fruit truck ever stopped

There has never been love here
No kind touch from a woman’s hand
No laughter has ever sung here
No peace has ever been found