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Ode to a Cresting Wave (day 1884)

As I look out
I see you there
Playing amidst such full swells
A liar so dangerously deep
Just out of reach
And here I am in dream.
You shall be
For my clear eyes
Dark dream upon my brow
For when wind blows
And my eyes close
You are forever, my flutter.

My Smile is Worn (day 1793)

Be still, my beating heart
For this is the end
My smile is worn
My heart is full
And time has come again.

In days to come,
In longer times
My memory shall sing on
And beating there
With vibrant air
Shall be my forever song.

There were always times ahead
Where love was held, I’d share
Truth in all my words so clear.
In my home and in my heart
I was the Queen of Hearts:
Royal and speaking free.

My garden was where my heart was led
Amidst marigolds and smiling pansys,
My ebenezer always full of flow,
As life mimicked so all around
Season would come and go.

Now, as my soul goes into sun
Hold strength within my hand
Touch upon warmth of a new spring day
As grass sprouts
As my tree grows long and tall.

I will miss you,
I always will.
Forever I will carry your heart
Within mine own
Yearned upon history’s notes
Of pages we wrote.


Students Desk (day 1687)

Memories have begun to leave holes
I dare not fill,
I dare not plug for fear
Night’s sky should wash
Over my visage with a mirage
I could not grasp,
Though searching I should be.
And yet I sit amidst
This abandonned students desk,
My knees hitting a cold metal bar
That reminds me
I am only here a short while.

Full (day 1669)

I waited up to see my full moon
Shining through my full glass
Satiating my full desire
Hidden deep within my full belly
And kept warm in my full house
Decked full of surprises
For a full celebration
About this full Christmas tree
We’ve emptied of life.

Full Silence (day 1629)

Your whole love
Sweeping around so full
And I grapple
As if silent

Reworking (day 1497)

I think this is awakening.
I think this is a dream: popped,
A sudden realization about future,
Prospects, history, essence, a being
Requiring full appraisal,

An understanding that even though
My heart beats so full for life,
It must also fill a life so full.
Relieving an overburden in distractions
Like a day spent in the garden.

Lucky Lily (day 1394)

Who roameth among the curly haired
That lay about the shores,
Shall forever wear a lily placed
Carefully about their hair.
And if a suitor shall come upon
A maiden basking there
(Be it lost, be it strove,
Be it guided by knowing stars
Alight – bright! in the sky)
Lucky shall friends of friends
Who knew one once a while,
Whenceforth shall say,
Amidst pure joy,
Lucky’s in a heart so full.

Mario Contefetti (day 671)

Nope, didn’t even leave a single slice
Such a delicious, 4 topping
Clay oven roasted
Peperoni, mushroom
Cheesiest of all cheeses
Black olives straight from the tree
And the garden of love
Such fruitful abundance
From this same loving garden
Came green peppers of such freshness
Such juicy succulence
That it left me no choice today
Where all that was mine to do
All I could even do
Was smell with my nose
Fall in love with my eyes
Loosen my leather belt
And enjoy, savor
Every. single. bite
Of that 4 topping pizza

Can you still smell it lingering in the air?
I’d say I’m sorry for not leaving a slice..
If I wasn’t so full..

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