Golden Iron (day 2148)

Whisper me once silence more
I have a golden iron
Wrack my brain into sweet depths
Let thee mine, forever.
Then why doth evening break again
With no leopards at my back?
I’ve given over each succulent
A tender touch shall remain
For my heart leaps with each raindrop
A flood, or desert storm.

Zero and One (day 1434)

I am a number that’s been picked and then released,
Signed and dotted twice and
Sealed strong with our family crest.

This is destiny in the hands of an entrepreneur,
Folding up the corners and
Wrapping tight the family chest.

Watching lights twinkle in a glimmer of urbanized hope,
Shaking off flood water and
Minding the high level mark.

Without a standard ruling system we are all zeros and ones;
Counting guides and shutting eyes
And a program we just press run.

The Flood (day 883)

Passion floods my blood soaked eyes
Laying dormant towards the sky
Fallen lifeless amidst debris
All life has ceased to be with me

For fuel once burned deeply within
A heart so true; nearly sin
That clogged the eyes searching about
Destined for truth, a heavy clout

Long had land been free to me
To wander about in unbound glee
Drained clean this heart of all its blood
To life that guides on in an empty flood