Raindrops off Rooftops (day 2104)

Please don’t take my feeling
Down another empty highway
Like raindrops off rooftops
I’ve been splashing my dreams
All over you, girl.

I’ve found these dotted lines
With my blossoming feeling
As windshield blades swipe clean
My fogging dream, girl
Sweet reverie.

Silhouettes take my eye drops
Far from my Cadillac lollipops
Another roadhouse streetlamp
Flickering hope, girl
I’m taking the next pullout.

Feel in it; another crooked street
Turn me on with a vibrant song
Shake me by a gravity stick
Boom ba-da-boom-boom
And my song goes on.

Pizza For Breakfast Again (day 1821)

Keep your toes turned in
Don’t lose that anger
Don’t let go that deep down feeling
Where things just ain’t right
A delay
A mistake
A sideways glance
An avoided question
Remarks leftover with
Pizza for breakfast again.

One line doesn’t lead a road
A windy road
With seated tickets
Black fedoras
Bill folds
Cadillacs and
Pizza for breakfast again.

A mountain in charge of
Pioneers recollection
As fields reap harvest
And a bastard stands tall in
Sun beaten heartache
For a sister who loved him
In a town too small
Closed for business
Out of order
Dialtone on
Pizza for breakfast again.

Dreamy Eyes (day 1800)

Dear dreamy eyes
Lay your dreams upon my eyes
Let wind remind our bright hearts
To reach out
And wiggle against each other,
Let sparkle attract my mind
Into another dimension
To implode my feelings
Like starlight upon a hiccup
And your lingering touch
That reaches my toes.

Coffee Outside (day 1702)

I dream of a woman that will some day come,
Who will lead me outside, first thing,
Warm cup and blanket in tow,
And a feeling inside so deep
There’s no leaving now.
There’s no leaving a woman who holds on as I hold,
No fear of a feeling wrong, danger done,
Only growing compassion as I’m sipping,
Tangled up in conversation that has me
Growing weary of everything else;
A haven from the snowstorm and I’ve got a warm fire,
And most else all fades like the blizzard that blows.

Holiday Basket (day 1648)

Sometimes I just want to call you my own,
Hold you into my arms to roll you into my soul.
I’m not going out tonight anymore,
Instead I’ll be boiling sweet tea for just two.
This is me trying for the best of my life
And I will not tire of you on my mind
Because you are what I want for my own.
How little you know of the feeling that grows,
Place a hand on your cheek, look into your eyes.
Your moon is my sun, your breath is my wind,
And I am here now, your hand in my hand,
Off to the moon or a little more slow,
Along with the ways of the sun in our souls.

Sinews (day 811)

It’s a feeling that’s more than a feeling
Like an itchy elbow that cannot be itched
A recurring thought weaving its plans
Undoubtedly gently, so subtly urged
And nestled, and cuddled, and squeezed
Into a mold so earthly seated
Next to precious corners of life
That neither time nor obstacles hinder
Where no word plies this rooted fabric
Which sinews, taken from this same itchy feeling,
Are used to steadfast so strong a bond
So effortless a unison that does makes sense
That it feels good to be a part of
It’s a feeling that’s more than a feeling

At Four AM (day 700)

It’s four am and you’ve just dined on my seven thirty yearning
Ain’t no more lone stars buzzing ’round this night sky
Aretha Franklin making me feel like a SUU-PREME lover
I’ve got soul oozing outa my fingertips
Tracing edges of your naked hips with eyes-wide-closed

I let my words get a little bit dirty, just a little bit
A lazy mid-summer breeze shuttling through these sheets
Carrying the sweet smells of our four am lover games

It’s times like these where life stands still
Where lovers squirm silently under gushing melodies of desire
Darkness concealing tomorrow’s troubles
While a half gone glass of evenings red
Brings our lips together, exchanging our dogged passion
Into pure physical reaction, forever and ever
‘Cause sometimes it’s a feeling baby

Eternity (day 607)

I’ve fallen into a pool of bliss
One that reaches up
And smothers my every thought
With kindness and feeling

I’ve been taken away to an oasis
On an island of ten thousand floating orchids
Where sun hazes each thought into a dance
With graceful arms that arch and moan

I’ve lifted my head up to the sky
Seen the clouds dance before my eyes
And smiled at them
Allowing them to feel my gracious delight