Dress Rehearsal Stranger (day 1089)

I’m a dress rehearsal stranger
Without a fixing for the road.
I’ve been picking up the faggots
That get me kicked out of the bars.
Did you walk away a stranger
Cause you were too caught up in gold?
Or was the ever piercing sidewalk
Grabbin’ tight your leathered soles.
Melting through my summer windscreen
Before the widows shake their brooms.

We were wrestling with officers
Gettin’ some fiction on their tongues.
Laughing without smiling
It’s been a mighty cold balloon.
I haven’t forgotten promises
With cheap hotel hookers
But the minister I never knew
Said, “Man, it’s not right timing after all.”
For there was one forgotten apple
That lay rotting on the ground
Which everybody avoided
Conscious fingers up their nose.
Butler’s on my side
To tell me all he had to say
Which was spoken very dryly
As he fit the classic part.
So I knew at that very moment
All their was ever said to know,
Which took me down to Georgia
To lay down my old guitar.

Filled With Sin (day 587)

Pink dress I see you
I hear you loud and proud
I feel the place filling
And I like your devilish grin
Candles fighting proudly
Lights dimming slightly
Heat keeps on rising
Passion builds more passion
I’ve known you here before
I’ve seen you run your way
Now you’re pullin changes and
Now you’re a man with sin
Three piece suit, chained watch and
Fedora cocked as proud
Black and white keeps us shining
Where your smile is yelling proud
I see your tie so clearly
Contrasting with that linen
Working over crowds
Taming ladies with strings and
Hats, hats are everywhere
With golden flickering gems
Loosely hanging evening gowns
So gracefully cut for the evening
It’s New Years after all
It’s the party of the year
Can you hear me shifting easily
Feel me breathe it in
Jaw lines pushing boundaries
Cutting lines through darkness
Sinking the soul in
I’ve crawled around destructive
Tonight I’ve filled up with sin