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Books (day 2122)

No dear
Don’t open the book
To that page
Its letters were written
On old paper
With a pen
That’s known many names
Crossed out many lines
Filled hearts
And sunk boats.
Try this book.

Ringing in My Ear (day 1771)

My delicate isles of sandalwood veins
Cure the goldest of sunrises,
Shaking wet last evening’s remains
With a cold cusp of fragrance and
Tracing spirals around my useless keys
That mingle symphonically
With a harsh ringing in my ear;
My dear lover, I meant to tell you.
And now I am gone.

Search O’Er Lain Land (day 1590)

Glen to glen
I’ve wandered brooks
Searching for my
Crag with a hook

Little, though
My hearts dismay
Could effort swing
Precipice lay

For o’er lain land
My hoof she ran
Like orphaned seeds
Autumn’s light breath

Dagger be given
To the laughing lady
High atop as a
Clever tight rock

For no path could be laid
No gorge to ford
No eye to twinkle
Amidst sun-lit wrinkle

Now guide thee home
Pulse in thine known
I hear the clean broom
And dear Mother’s boom

20150825 - Monashees Mushroom Picking - Ned Tobin - 19

Lover’s Call (day 1487)

If I had heard a lover’s call
Way late at night when all was well,
I’d sharpen up my sharpest blade:
To the rescue, enchanted all.

My dear would swoon and share her thoughts:
Deep reverence for all I brought.
Her mind aglow forever more,
Ignition for my dwindling heart.

Could then my peace be eaten up
By scoundrels and necromancers?
Surely all my wisdom been sought
Guard me strongly against such draft.

So here I grow forever more
A lofty place for perched gargoyle,
A view to lay the world away
Into night with a lover’s call.

Nautically Bent (day 1249)

I am a lost lover,
And you are my sea.
Over and under
This tumbling breeze.
I arc my bent spine
In day driven toil,
To find my hearth cold
Sea driven wild.
But sailing departure
Windows of torrent,
I find my dear lover
Nautically bent.

To Harbor (day 909)

It is hard to be away,
To waltz down the street
Without your hand in my elbow.
To eat alone.
Your face my thoughts company.
With moments of clarity
Sparking the fire
Inside my soul.
It’s harder to slip
Into cold sheets at night
Without knowing
When next you shall be waiting,
Giving, expecting.
Warm breath tickling my nape.
Warm smile to curb my blues,
Warm kitchen to feed my soul.
And when last I find grace,
Will harbor – my old bones –
Be welcome to thine dear heart?


What To This Love (day 906)

Did you design
My heart so pure
So reckless its pursuit
As love and laughter
Were sought to
Hold forever after

As it were
To lay me down
Beside such tender angel
My heart it beat
Like dancing feet
Strong laid wooden floor

What to this love
I heard above, nay saw above
Clouds parting for thy sun
That hit us both;
Shone angels eyes and
Filled in dear mine own


Together, Apart (day 696)

I’m sorry my dear darling
But I’ve been out here passing
My card into the hands
Of my future’s next romance

I hope this isn’t shocking
For I’ve been displaced in my walking
Left to my own devices
Off on unknown adventure

I was never left here laughing
Nor with you did I try crying
But a city that whispers wildly
Tore our souls together, apart

Dear Mother (day 177)

Directly, I feel blessed
I feel warmed without, within
Your calls, your worries
Mom, they mean everything to me

I can only hope
In all my ways of good and bad
That I may just, in some small way
make up for it, with my kind replies

I may not want to be facebook friends
And I may not want your opinion on style
But, dear sweet mom,
Your hugs are welcome at any time

I know, I know, I’ve got your recipe
For chocolate chip oatmeal, deliciousness in a cookie
But mom, I mean it when I do say
They’ll never be as good as the ones sent my way

Take care, my mother
Take care of your health
Mind is important
Happiness everyday

Dear Lover (day 151)

Determined and passionate
Hopeless, without regret

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me of why I matter

Escaping the wrath
Of uncontrolled banter

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me of why I matter

Shooting the breeze
Cocktail and harmony

Dear lover
Remind me of my life tonight
Remind me that we can