Mind Space (day 1278)

I want to fall into a little break in space
Like angels upon lazy-boys,
Smoking cigarettes with the nuns.
My open mind shifts constantly
Between a bad habit and good morning sun,
Where there’s no better maker,
No fuller shade of gray
To take care; once was into the future.
French rhymes upon my tongue,
Little tea cup stains around my working scribbler,
Two dollars for the road,
And my mind’s not made up yet.


Holy Aurora (day 1275)

I’m losing track of what I once thought.
Short strings of innocence have begun to clot
Like some tumultuous rukus house
On a Thursday night stagette.
Holy Aurora.
I’ve left home to dance, and I don’t feel any different;
I’m undone in my head and I can’t sing anymore,
So please god, open the sky to me,
Open and bring me sweetly on home
In the coming’s I’m getting,
And I don’t feel it anymore.


Old Tree (day 1193)

Pass through my heart as I whisper now,
I was born to be let free.
Let my whispers carry melancholy,
For my lover forever tarries.
I am a rambling rose letting great seas
Tumble me deep down below.
And let my eyes gently close
With a good nights sleep;
Old tree fallen in the night.

Old Tree by Ned Tobin