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Ode to Sunsets (day 1875)

As your sweet rays
Flutter over horizon’s edge
I wonder quietly about
Your fluency…
Do you speak the same words
Of love
I speak out to you?
Oh, how we could live happily
Should the moon join us at noon.

Ode to Swamp Flies (day 1869)

Buzz away in such a musical way
Your harmony is such a blessing
And all these bumps that itch just so
Do make me quite at ease
With the frogs that croak all night
Lulling me to sleep so deep
With fading buzzing in my ear
All day and too, out of sight.

Ode to a Small Rabbit (day 1842)

You there, bouncing everywhere,
What alerts you, I’m sorry I’ve scared.
Bounce away, hop along
I am not here to cause you wrong
I am just a passing stranger
Who lives across the way.
These are the plants that I have sown
This is the grass that tickles my toes
And now, see here, we both can share
Bounding here and there and everywhere.

Ode to Sparkling Waves (day 1791)

Your comfort from my torment’s toil –
The fret inside my soul,
And your forever shall be my roll
As the wind brings you to me
About my perch over the sea,
You shall be my dream.
So when I look deep inside to thee –
When I see clarity ring,
I will your happy memory
Into my soul to free.

Ode to a Perfectly Placed Bench to Enjoy Nature (day 1775)

About my way
A merry one I should say
I wondered to myself:
My dear sweet man
What have you done,
You’ve gone and walked yourself out.
So there I was
A bit confused
Wondering what I could do
To rest my weary legs a while
To recoup my troubled mind.
And all at once
You appeared to me
Like some magic: unleashed
And set free,
Which I took as queue
And found my rest
Upon your well worn stead.

a bench in Fort George Park in Prince George, BC

Ode to Rays of Sunlight (day 1774)

Sweet embrace
I have been chasing
A wild and reckless feeling
That’s caught my feet
And held my hand
As I jumped and jumped again
But then I froze
And I was froze
And watched a twinkling beam
That filled up me
And changed my thought
To a memory I’ve not forgotten

Looking into the sun at birch trees in a snowy northern BC

Ode to Driftwood (day 1770)

Did you know where my heart would land
When it landed upon your shores
Or did you leave it up to chance
When you washed away my tears?
For when I shared a glance with you
Reaching from skyline, sea, to shore
I was in the midst of lament
A loss that’d shaken my very core.
Yet to my gale, I did wish my chance
To thrive towards another day
So up you came into my bag
For a project of my labour.

driftwood along the shores in Tsawwassen BC

Ode to a Lonely Pine (day 1769)

Like my grandfather that came to rest
Rocking slowly in his old pine chair,
You watch the vista with an open air
Shaking loose your frazzled hair.

For in the cold months
You stand tall and proud,
And in the dark days
Your silhouette is my lighthouse home,
And in crisp mornings
Your tips refresh me
Like my eyelids breaking free.

But before I walk up to shake your hand
I wait for you to permit me through,
For your roots stretch long beneath the floor
And touch my home, forever more.

a lonely pine covered in snow

Ode to an Alpine Lake (day 1768)

How graceful does your movement be
Shallow waters, through which I can see
Teal of blue, my heart for you
Icy waters to cleanse my soul.
And as my breath calms its quest
I reflect in the hazy aftermath
To where my heart echoes through
A long memory, and a calm cup of tea.

Garibaldi lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park near Whistler, BC

Ode to a Gangly Tree to Rest Under (day 1767)

If I may
I’ll take a stay
Sit myself
Under your shelf
Enjoy a spell
Drink from your well
And listen
To your singing leaves
As the pitter patter
Of my moment’s peace
Flutters to a calm.

gangly tree in maui to rest under with red sand and grass