North (day 462)

Once on the path
I cried and I screamed
Then all at once
That which, was unseen

I plodded along
I lifted my heals
Grown and clear
Navy blue seals

Across the wide rivers
Through the deep forest
I laughed and I sang
My path now the shortest

Little foxes then came
And asked for some words
I laughed and began
My friends, eye the fiords

Off with a start
The took to the north
We shared not another
Our lives filled their worth

This is Destruction (day 460)

As Angels swoop down and cover the ground with dust from their wings
The Titans throw up their tridents and glare
The masters of ceremony reach up high and come crashing down
With wild notes the orchestra shudders to remember
And clouds raised up in the skies above
They shout wild accusations at one another
The Giants that hold them there at bay
Laugh hearty laughs and set them free
Dragons that come from far and wide
To side with conspirators, war with foes
The Demons crawl up through the holes in the earth
Blazing with fire and daggers in their eyes
They battle with no one, against all
This is destruction, where we all shall fall

Fifty Thousand (day 453)

I can see the moon here
It glows beneath this clear blue sky
Yelling profanities at the bitter and twisted
Undergrowth of fifty thousand trees
With fifty thousand leaves

The moon has something to say today
It whispers to the lawn gnomes that listen
Quietly sitting on the sun fed lawns
They hear the secrets, they know
They’ve lived fifty thousand years ago

Today I heard the moon speak
I waited silently in the middle of the lawn
It held my hand and told me of the future
I shared a story with the moon today
We walked fifty thousand miles together

The moon passed by my way today
It was beyond which I could have imagined
It was silent yet spoke fifty thousand words
It smiled and wept fifty thousand tears with me
It came and left, fifty thousand lives ago

Sunscreen on Your Nose (day 451)

I used to love you like a wild woman should
Full of youth you showered me in elegance
Holding me high upon your shoulders
As we waltz’d through parks

There was a time when I would sit by the phone
Waiting for you to call on me
I’d talk sweet words to my friends of you
When time would hold us far apart

Then, as hours turned to years
We grew up like fresh sprouts from earth
Quickly in spring, blooming in summer
And grasping to sweet life in fall

Here we sit now, asleep in the sun
No longer wary of our youthful exuberance
No longer conscious of voices around
Comfortably numb, rest in the mind

Where shall we go tomorrow?
Does it cost that much?
Do you have some sunscreen on your nose?
Can I have a sandwich please.

Tear Drops (day 450)

Through these tears shine happiness so true
Struggling with all their might to break on through
Soaking the countenance with unabashed pride
And plundering the graceful present with sobbing

Last of all the Angel who never breaks free
Floats above the left over games like Athena
Voices whispering into my right ear of hope
Surprise visits at opportune times

Wheels spinning along the dusty gravel road
Forward the time swaps backward, again
Listlessly awaiting high noon in a fashionable way
Counting the tear drops as they hit the floor

Disrupting The Peace (day 445)

Gawking here at that fine element of morals
Stepping aside for only the cracks
Enemies launch at the side of your being
Purveyors balk at your coming countenance

All through the streets
The lights turn their glow
The snickers come now
Out from below

Put on for the war cries
Lashed out for dispute
Sinners and followers
Walk on in a row

Disrupting the peace
The ancient birds to declare
At once, set in flight
The cats they all glare

With leather pulled tight
Dark hair everywhere
The riddler launches on
Night showers the air

Crowns (day 414)

Nothing can compare to those golden crowns
The ones that rest behind the steel gates
Behind the thick glass walls with laser beams
Nothing can even match the shine they have
Or the sheer awe they inspire
Especially when freshly polished
Directly beneath those strategically placed pot lights
Nothing can quite make the cut when compared
Things come close, real close
But in the end it’s always those crowned jewels that
Capture the essence of every boy out there
Enough so that even the jesters turn their heads twice

Bleeding Bride (day 408)

I watch as your harmony is met with at last
With turmoil not sought, but came none-the-less
You cried for a savior but none did arrive
You laid down and wept then, like a lame bride

But you took care to watch the time
To avoid a recent folly
Out from nowhere did arrive
The winds of a far off land
It was then that crying started
On the spot, in your rags
And all those around you said
Shaking with their heads
There goes a poor maiden’s dream
Unaware as she bled

Flower Nymphs (day 406)

Laying alone amongst the flowers
Is the only company I should need
Bees flower my conscience with honey
So thick it should root my evil
In unfounded depth of a mothers milk
Meanwhile, dumbfounded maidens
Frolic carelessly in the garden at night
Trying to escape the eye of delight
If anyone catches them they’ll let out a yelp
Like the nymphs of the wooded lands
The maidens of the garden who look about in fright
Carry me into dreams I’ve dreamt once before
Follow me into depths as I’ve crawled through the door
For now I shall rest here then
Amongst the poppies, buttercups, and paintbrushes: zen
Then I will fall away, lost in a cause
Then I shall dream again
For tomorrow always comes again

Two Men (day 402)

There are two men looking at me
I’m quite sure: inanimate
I’m confused by their presence
Sitting there they stare
They are dressed as bandits
Chapeau in their hair
Belt of ammunition
Crosses their breast
I can let them be though
In their windows up there
I’ll keep up with my studies
Alone in this chair