No Mortal Man (day 250)

The world wheels it’s sad plans, and little laughter
Without any qualms of repent or malaise
Yet holds dear what soldiers fear
And keeps repetitive patterns to our daily madness
In spite all the sin, in all the hours of distress
Sent hurtling through the air like scatter bomber;
No one near is ever safe
We find a serenity in a song played from a far away speaker
Slowly winding its way down the backs of a thousand year old men
Climbing the lamp posts in an excited chatter
Rattling the car horns as they whisper on through the bright light

Sweet angels come out then, with their faces turned down
Deeply focused on a task they care nothing at all about
Yet their patience controls their movements
Their virtues calculate the proper time to set forth
When once again the music from distant speakers
Curl down the ancient backs of the fathers of old men
Nothing can stop them then, with their time in front of them
For sin is within those who stop the proceedings
No man mortal can avoid the dance deep within

Lonely Visitor (day 247)

The day was washed out like a long lost romantic getaway
Open doors and dust settling on all the watermarked wooden desks
Somewhere, deep inside the cave lurks a spider
Ready to catch it’s next unsuspecting victim within it’s web
But, the lonely traveler, spooked by the dampness
Slowly backs out and heads another way
The lonely visitor will come another day

Flight of The Bee (day 244)

The amazing graces
Of earths eternal sunshine
Even on rainy days
The lovers in nature

Knowing it’s destiny
What else has ever been?

To stare the flower in the eye
Steal from it it’s lifeline
Carry forth the lit torch
Onward, in beauty to be reborn

Knowing it’s destiny
Has it stumbled at any step?

(and then we stumble forth)
Into the daylight
Away from sleep
The world is open

Knowing it’s destiny
The bee lazily searches
For it’s one true match

The Future (day 242)

Some days I can memorize the stars that look upon me
[Laying naked in the grass; I let it bleed]
Souls reach out from bloated heights
[I cry alone and let the moonlight carry my sin]
Deeper and deeper into the melted horizon
Slowly crawling its weary arc
Further and further into tomorrows dreams
[It is now I rise awake]
Galloping faster into the future
To return another day, in different form
A different place we both shall align from

The Bridge (day 229)

The beaten down travelers
Traveled through swamps
Traveled through deserts
Traveled through the untraveled terrain
Until they reached the bridge

The secret to success
Lay in crossing the bridge
The valley lay deep
The river ran wild
And they faced the bridge

Awaiting the train
Of which never came
They sat day and night
Distanced from food
Comforted by the fire
And the gurgle of water

The hours turned into days
The days into weeks
The food started scarce
The food was now gone
Yet still they waited
For the non existent train

And then, like a flicker of hope
Streaming out of the distance
A lone whistle was heart
They travelers all heard
They waited in silence
Unable to move, unbelieving at first

But as the train moved along
Beside their ragged shoulders
They slowly gathered their camp
And began the treacherous pass

The little ones were silent
As they held their breath across
The elders acted knowing
As if they had done this before
But as the last of the travelers
Passed across at the end
They celebrated with excitement
Like they had been, come, and gone

Soon they had made it
To the destination they sought
They set up their tents
And led their mules out to pasture
Plots were then got
Land was then claimed
A village was sprung
On the other side of the bridge

Lost Lovers (day 227)

The wind sweeps through like the souls of lost lovers
Chilling the blinds as they flap lifelessly in the delaying sunlight
Spreading it’s thoughts deep amongst the floorboards
Littered with memories and superficial decay
Time keeps carrying the wanderers on
Further and further into the romance we only get little glimpses of
This is the distance we only know as silent observers
Holding hands with thoughts we’ve only dared read in books