Permit Me Sight (day 2837)

Can one day your abundance touch me?
Truth like lightening bolts
Thrown from Zeus himself.
And my eyes shall see openings
From whence your sail shall catch wind,
Pulling me towards ancient speed
Roaring in fierce aftermath
Abundantly striking me free.

Inverted extramere
I shall not turn my eye,
Though wrath of the God shall torture me
For it is in his kingdom
You shall dare set me free.
And in my deepest of layers
– Of which only then permit me sight,
It has always been mine blindness –
Call on me to share.

Read me like I am all here,
Nor leave me without all signs.
There I sit in mine throne
Stretched in abundance and call,
Laid bare as shown Virgil
And my heart reigned for thy lightening bolt
Sight into thine eyes.

My Hearth (day 2301)

I will sweep the floors of my hearth
And I will stand up against the wind
I will call out in response
To endless tests of Zeus
I will raise my voice at oppressors
Fighting for the oppressed
I will look into the eyes
Of ten thousand hungry demons
And breathe my fire back
Into visions of my birth
So I can continue my journey
Into the heart of my vision
And build the fire within my hearth.

Perseus (day 1640)

Perseus, Perseus, son of god Zeus
No other then him slayed Gorgon: Medusa.
Sent by the King of Serifos, Polydectes,
Who, by way of riddance could pursue his dear mother,
Danae, Danae, poor daughter and victim
An Oracle’s fear for a grandson’s the killer.
Though as time would challenge
Young Perseus returned victor
Only to see Danae again prisoner!
Polydectes of Serifos no longer of throne,
Beat by dead eyes of Gorgon, Medusa.
Atlas to stone, a Titan’s burden relief.
Andromeda, Andromeda, sea faring Andromeda,
We long for your passage and fear for your voyage.
At long last at sea, a battle with sea monster,
A mortal to save you? Hardly be thy Princess’s call,
For Perseus put to stone the sea monster assail,
And long ever after, Perseus and Andromeda
King and Queen of Serifos
Eternally shining nightly.

With The Eagle (day 928)

The Eagle flies with me tonight
Around tall lean trees
The anger of cold winds
Flexing thunder in eyes of darkness
With whispers lightly tossed with Zeus’s talons

And I – with my cry – let fall great prey
Great beasts of ancient lineage
Who scream loud
When I soar near

I am gliding through torrents tonight
With the Eagle by my side

Sandy (day 525)

Did we ever understand the destruction that would lay waste
Over the subways and villages and schools that faced down Sandy?
Torn from their roost and splayed to ruins upon the streets
In an impressive dance that left no parties smiling
Earth doesn’t mean to rear its anger in the livings face
Though anger yells loudly at all who remain
Like a lion after the kill, the earth both revels and respects


Mighty Zeus who gleamed down at the soils uprooted
Prometheus raging in the destruction, tears streaming about his face
And laughing deeply from his deep sea caverns
Where light-hearted nymphs dance naked in the spoils
Poseidon from the storming desires of his hands
Drinks heavily from his jeweled goblet
Whose presence announce the changes in the weather
The release in desires across the earth
There is no wrath left inside

Speedy Descent (day 442)

Perhaps then they would call my name
As I sat there above the clouded peaks
Awaiting the answer to the question
Begging my return
Begging the sweet angels rising up
To hold my hands in speedy descent

But like any searching soul
The answer proves within
No clouds can clutter the footpath
No unruly goat-beast can charge me
From this high scraping crag
Legs and arms holding me fast

Then Zeus, lighting bolts striking close
Leaves in his wake a sharp message
The answer cursing through my veins
No escape now from the brutal truth
No silk crested nymph to calm thy nerves
Returning to the fountain I call

There, and only there, lurches forth tremors
Sent from the deathly legions
Calling spoils to all things left touched
Rotting corpses and swarming flies
Wrenching the senses limp
Twisting and writhing: no escape

Years upon years
And only then in shame
Shall the torment stop
At once its halt
Will leave you dry
Endlessly searching like I once

The Great Fall (day 397)

When the Romans fell
And all hope around them
Sunk into the unborn sea
When the prophesies that told
How the maidens of high
Who oracle’d the destinies would die
When the clouds that held
The towers within
Broke, and the rain did fall
Causing widespread panic
Zeus, the champion of gods
Shook and settled
Followed his instinct
Into the madness
Resting his sadness
Upon the grounds nevermore

To Demeter (day 376)

Losing control like Demeter after
The deed has been done, Hades has been satisfied
Lost in a spiraling madness leaving no traces
Trapped by the pomegranate
Sensual fruit for two

But lovely Calithoe, with hair so long
And her thirsty sisters, encouraging her on
Put in the good word, for her fathers only son
Deeply effected, and enchanted the most
Control slowly seeps back into thine hands

But still fear, oh yes still fear
This hasn’t ended, rather just begun
Stones to be thrown, droughts to be brought
Remember the danger, remember the deceit
Throw it away into the rage of the fire

Till forever, till tomorrow
Until the rain comes again
Reaping splendor for the lands and the hunger
Where there in the end
Persephone will be free