Winter’s Air (day 635)

I opened my heart today
Let it dry out in the winter air
Unbeknownst to me
A snowflake
Built upon infinite possibilities
Floated about my heart
Landing in a precious spot

I felt it glisten
In that cold winter air
Tingling sensation to the tips of my toes
Flirting with the edges of a smile

When just as easily
Just as simply as the path of the flake
A teardrop formed
Occupying the folded regions
Of my shaded eye
Drying in the winter’s air

Winter Here (day 589)

Winter isn’t cold here
It’s like Sunday in front of the fire
Expensive liquor and
Love floating all around
Sounds breaking apart the mahogany
Dripping down the walls
And lifting up the edges
Of the well polished atmosphere

I’ve given in to the long coats
The ones with fur lining
My grandfather handed down
Brought from old Russia
In solid chests on the backs of horses

I’ve slumbered around with
Expensive cocktails with bow ties
Suspenders and alchemy dripping down the walls
A time of surreal magic
Pushing out between the breasts
Of well dressed ladies

I’ll take two for the road sir
Tuck them under my outstretched coattails
And push them down with essence
Tugging tightly at my cufflinks
Trail of broken hearts and glitter
Follows me out the back door into the evening air

Snowboarder (day 584)

Wind swept pillows molded by a scimitar
Catch a winter surfer eye as if shining like a star
Who, in all his layers, bundled for the fun
Sways this way and that, then carves on away
Bending at the knees, turning from his hips
Launching off cliffs, he soars through the air
A smile cheek to cheek, a scarf warming that
Snow flying everywhere; the markings of a trail
This tells all of a snowboarder’s decent

The Wind (day 573)

You couldn’t walk away just like that; wind blowing your hair in a careless manner leaving eyes dropping memories one at a time
Yet, with the legends that crop out the clouded sky into dreams that come forward with just the right light

I have become another human
I have become the epitome of graceful
I have become the master of disguises
I have leaned so far out the window that my hat and glasses have blown off in a whirl of excitement and confusion

And I have died a thousand times

Died with the madness that grows in the spring time
Died with the emptiness of an ending shower
Died with the footprints that don’t stop in a new winter’s flurry

Meanwhile, as the sheets get unfolded and spread upon the queen sized bed
A stranger in the twilight rests his eyes upon what walks away: a heart of the softest kind with the sweetest smile and dearest eyes

I mind the rocky paths and step lightly to that path which softens under foot, void of all jetty rocks that perturb my conscience with evil glances and a mean demeanor
I reminisce about the legends I’ve read about, chest held high, knees stepping lightly over the path ahead
And I feel my own hair blowing in the wind as I reach further and further into freedom and dreams

Ignoring the possibility that these snowy tracks will be forever gone if we lose the fingertips we embrace with love

Leaving behind a single memory, fluttering like a broken heart
In a graceful dance
From the confines of my soul
Through my heavy eyes
And into the wind

Winters Walk (day 537)

Cold winter’s setting in
Nights that bite, winds that snap
And an old dog that’s looking good
With a shiny coat thick and black
Friendly vigor as he rolls around the familiar path

Mismatched mitts, a warm winters tuke
And a scarf that wraps right around twice
M’neck’s nice and warm
My nose’s running fast
While my feet carry me home from a walk

Some Days (day 388)

Some days go by and they crawl up the wall
Seemingly scraping together time with broken memories
That pick at your wounds as you begin to fall asleep

Some days go by and drag their heels along the floor
Building up the tough skin that is disturbing to touch
Clearly letting go of all decency and elegance in a flash

Some days go by like the sun beating against a glass window
Heating up entire buildings from it’s mere affection
Darkening skin and inviting energy to be extrapolated

Some days go by as if showering was a rule
Fresh as the spring daisies that hide amongst a field of wheat grass
Stepping slightly quicker than the rest of the pack

Some days go by reminding me of mid winter’s frost
Sparkling brilliantly but very hard to look at with wide eyes
Usually requiring sunglasses to handle the glare

Some days go by and they run like the wind
Forgetting to stop for lunch and digging right in
Lost in the usual games but focused on one thought

Some days don’t ever end in spite all the killing
They make the butchers happy as they sharpen their knives
Slicing away the minutes, one by one

In Faith We Often Wander (day 9)

As autumn turns white as pearls
I’ve never let you go
As leaves have long since fallen
There’s never been inward fog

As ices water our fields
Birth it neighs with life
Wobbly knees and scared eyes
There’s never been overwhelming rains

As the rains have been scared by gold
Navy blues, purples, and burgundies
Watching the bee lazily wander
No searing burns have ever fazed

As sprouts begin to curl
What was calf is now a cow
Vibrant greens have all turned yellow
Yet still no weathering of my soul