Earth in A Lover (day 440)

Stars stretch from the middle of undying hands of a lover
Crisp and bright and forever in my eyes until tomorrow
The day that never arrives, that holds fast in the horizon
One moment at which is always averted with longing eyes

Starting with scraps of freshly cut hearts laid smooth
The outside pieces of a perfectly carved out heart
Three spots of glue to forget the damage done
Pages that now have the attention cold hands didn’t have

Tugging slowly at papers
We return
It is earth

The Old Oak (day 430)

The old oak seems to enjoy the light breeze
As I do, flapping in the wind
Waving it’s leaves to and fro, light and dark
No ending, no until
Battling the waves in its eternal onslaught
And every single day
Each one in the cold or warm
Night and day
There is always a smile spread
Thickly across the countenance
Of the old oak

Silken Sheets (day 428)

That night as the warm wind blew through the unsettled windows
Driving armies of little prickles down the side of my exposed legs
Drawing warmth from the naked maiden, eyes closed, semi-lucid
But the myth of time that ticks silently on in the blurry distance
Calls out names that ring familiar through my ears
Itching at the lost memories that shan’t return again
Smiling at the pure maiden of the sweet summers night
And knowing it won’t last much longer in spite the desolation it entails
Grabbing hands tear at the strings laid upon my back
And I sit back down, resting my frayed hairs upon the silken sheets

Into the Dusk (day 423)

From out beyond the wind swept distance
A lone figure walks steadily
Into the day I dream a bit
Of what could be their mission
Perhaps it was to seek an answer
Perhaps it was to wander
Perhaps there would be no way to solve
This riddle, even living in the shoes

The figure that I watch go
Pauses every now and then
Watching up, towards the sky
As companions keep the way
And I, a bystander, silently cheer
While the sun continues to whip
Towards the West, the horizon: bold
The light we cannot hold

For there we charge
Into the dusk
The eyes that cannot see
From here we lurk
The empty land
As the sun it cannot fill
The marching time
Shall soon present
What then shall escape us no more

Some Days (day 388)

Some days go by and they crawl up the wall
Seemingly scraping together time with broken memories
That pick at your wounds as you begin to fall asleep

Some days go by and drag their heels along the floor
Building up the tough skin that is disturbing to touch
Clearly letting go of all decency and elegance in a flash

Some days go by like the sun beating against a glass window
Heating up entire buildings from it’s mere affection
Darkening skin and inviting energy to be extrapolated

Some days go by as if showering was a rule
Fresh as the spring daisies that hide amongst a field of wheat grass
Stepping slightly quicker than the rest of the pack

Some days go by reminding me of mid winter’s frost
Sparkling brilliantly but very hard to look at with wide eyes
Usually requiring sunglasses to handle the glare

Some days go by and they run like the wind
Forgetting to stop for lunch and digging right in
Lost in the usual games but focused on one thought

Some days don’t ever end in spite all the killing
They make the butchers happy as they sharpen their knives
Slicing away the minutes, one by one

Lust on Rooftops (day 234)

Did you hear the sound of the rain that night?
Did the screams of desire reach your conscience?
Did you wind up those unwound dancing shoes?

I laid the ground with fresh rose pedals
Strewn with the hand of wicked intentions
I scented the very edges of humanity
With such lust tigers dull in comparison

Did you catch the faint wind blow upon your face?
Did you hear the footsteps upon your roof?

Snowboarding Trip (day 219)

From far beneath the timbre line
I start the journey up
Up up along the line
I weave on through the trees
Soon the wind
Howling so loud
Beats my face with fury
And all at once
I jump the ship
And battle my way down the hill
With instant action
I barrel forward
Into the white unknown
Every corner
And Every wind trap
Sends me flying into the air
But the beauty of flight
In such conditions
Is every landing is padded with snow!

Forever in The End (day 121)

A line begins
But a line must end
So shall sun
So shall the wind

But love that curls
And love that whirls
Should make thou smile
Under all that’s else

I want you happy
If it means I’m sad
I want your worries
In a far off land

Then you couldn’t frown
Or bend that soft brow
With troubles far away
Many a long gone day

It shall never be changed
My sturdy feet I have
I’ll be here forever
Till you’ve found your strength

One day, my lover
One day shall soon
Call upon each other
To bend around the moon

And in this day
At this day of judgement
We’ll only ask ourselves
Did I follow my heart?