Ambition’s Race (day 819)

It is not I who shelter your conscience from the bitter truth of denial
It is not my sword that slays last hopes in fitful cries about bloody battle grounds
It is not my spells which sheath truth to avoid speaking amongst those who whisper wrongs by name
Nor is it the timbstrels who dance around the spoils of victory
That shake the knees of that noble fervor so deeply rooted in passions teeth
It is the lofty words of treachery and treason that curse the steeds of ambition’s race

Dosages of Love (day 817)

Gypsy Queen I see you
Floating there in your sheen
It’s bogus here this madness
Dazzling as you sing
I’ve splendor-ed into gladness
Hoping as I pray
Fantasy at its finest
Goldens and their boldness

Perfect fluttering delicateness
You’ve cried for much too long

Did you whisper mildly?

I couldn’t muster up the gumption
To take you into lust
But long it lasted when we held
Onto the shackles of flirtation

Did you delight as much as I
I hope it was as dashing
Enchanted as we’ve just met
Forsake me for all I’m worth

I Believe You (day 717)

I believe you
When you tell me I’m all yours
A full dance card
That I’m the best hitter
In the ballpark
The biggest and warmest hugger
In all lands around

I believe you
When you say my style
Trumps all Kings in the deck
When you tell me I
Intoxicate you instantly
That my shoes
Are the shiniest shoes around

I believe you
When you whisper in my ear
In the late evening hours
When your eyes ignite
With a passionate fuel
And your late night eyes
Glance at me once more, goodnight

I believe you
When the sun comes up in the East
And sets in the West
When the winds blow leaves down
From their perch up above
And when the chimes sing to us
As we sit side by side
Upon chairs of home’s front porch

Gone Loony (day 704)

Living inside my head
I’ve started to name my thoughts
Perhaps this isn’t right
Have I gone loony?

I don’t say goodnight to them
I’m definitely not setting an extra place
At the table I eat at daily
But does this deter those rumblings?

They do talk to me
They whisper and hint at greater things
Pushing me, a rush against time
Clawing at my nerves

I will walk them tonight
Along with the dog and my legs
Perhaps they’ll enjoy the night air
It always settles me down

Commingling Essence (day 559)

Battling egos lay down in passion
Between the satin sheets and pale white skin
One says jump, the other says beg
While barrel rolling, slipping it in

Little angels, they whisper please
They crawl amongst the birds and the bees
Fixing Cupid, with his tips of lust
Onto a landscape where desired lovers unite

Passion then passes from left to the right
A balancing act uniting the gods
Light beams and wind gusts float through the air
An elated lover screams out into the night

Passing by crossroads, the trees lend their shade
Mid winters glow and frosty tipped snow
The lovers engaged do walk down the street
Commingling essence and infusing the night

All In A Whisper (day 471)

Whisper to me those voices of the night
The ones that cool the soul and feed the breeze
And make words come alive
As leaves in the wind tempt their fate
Can grass that grows tall
Fuel love amongst willow trees
Moonlit like swampy marshes on spooky nights
Deep within the voodoo’s glare

What would you say to me
As we walked along streets at night
Lost in lust and thinking of love
Breaking through sheets of glass
That shatter, never ending grasping
At straws for real life
Stuck beneath the surface without such a voice!

Into my ear where hearing is best
Make out the future we wish for in rhythmic charm
Make the shadows that glare
From recesses of lost thoughts
Forgotten by whirlwinds that creep into corners
Make me dream of that which is now spoken
Make the dearest thoughts flow forth
Like rivers in spring
Make my fever spill forth with such fervor
As to set forth a blaze in the dead of night
Make grass bend and sway
In cool winds of night

Tell me to stay and I’ll forget tomorrow
With words that sound so sweet
Wafting through the air like sounds of night
Pleasing to even the most strayed of beasts
Settling random thoughts of chaos
Honoring un-riddled history of Gods
Playing pipes of the last crowned mistresses
And forgetting no last champion sitting proud at the feast

This and all that was left in a whisper
A cloud of thought that formed from sound
A clarity of pressures that erupted from the invitation
A dance with the softest of moves

Lover… (day 438)

Lover, come home to me
Let me feel you beside me now
Forget space that has grown
Let night grab us here
And take hold as we dance away

Lover, whisper in my ear
Let sweet sounds heat my breath
Lay me low against the time of night
Push away that cause this
Uncomfortable space between us

Lover, hold my hand a while
As we walk off into the distance
Searching for a sunset
Amongst romantic castles
Stone fences, and cobblestones

Lover, sit with me here
Lets make our backs hurt
Our asses numb
On these cement benches
Staring deep into the horizon

The Wick (day 256)

Blood runs down the pierced skin
Slowly drip dropping to the tune of your heart
Memories flash before your eyes
Like the light slowly fading away

Between your thighs sits an atom bomb
The mind slowly flirting with the wick
“Can we play our song one more time?”
Please, lay down dear

Let me whisper in your ear.