Gill To Gill (day 1586)

Make me choke my Chesapeake Bay oysters
Down a long narrow tube called onion
On a salty slab of rust
That juts out from the corner
Of a jagged table now suffering the load
Of my humongous belly,
Sliced from gill to gill
And forgetting the kind manners one usually exhibits
While out dining with guests
In a trendy restaurant
On the East side of town.
Hold my napkin tight to my lapel,
And caress these breasts
That light the night on fire
Through a venomous spray
Of narcotics and other banned substances
Hurled deep into the bowels
Of an East Van back alley entrance,
Identified by a single spotlight
Casting lurking shadows into my side glances
And smelling of stale urine
Upon the disposal bin filled with sour milk.
Knock knock, let me in.

Lack of Desire Now (day 498)

I’ve watched the sky fall on the bitter truth
Smelling the stains that pollute the open womb
Spewing forth venom that lurches and aches
For one last passion that is far too gone now
Desire then pits the wound against the present
Shadowing all doubt with consequences once important
Laying bare the animals that sniff the freshly spilled blood
Pooling into the depths only the brave and stupid dare

..and beyond this lays a land so golden
That nothing else matters there
No other parts compile into the whole
Except that which is already set and inside
Here there are natural colors
Colors that blend so well into nature
That blinded by the cosmos
Everything makes sense
No more open wounds and rotting corpses
No more time delays or boxes to move
Just parts of golden rays of sunshine
Grandma, I’m home now