Empty and Deep (day 2943)

When I sung the rhythm I had heard
When I awoke to what my soul knew
I damaged my ending that grew so tall
Deepness I had lost so well
Closed a window, let go my hold.

When I walked so heavy footsteps
I yelled my name in vain
I sunk my teeth into giant fir
Wilting at the corners of
My jagged sharpened heart.

When I sat and stole two moments of
Silence gathering all around
I witnessed a closing balance
That took my mind away
Leaving me with ten thousand spaces
Previously occupied my mind
Held now for emptiness
No depth that I could feel remained.

This Song (day 2502)

I sing this song to better me
To give away my peace
I sing this song of strength
To let it flow away
I sing this song of a righteous path
That gathers all the steam
I sing this song louder yet
To reach the ears of vain
I sing this song to overflow
The basins at each fountain
I sing this song of eternal youth
To keep our vigor strong
I sing this song out to you
For it is me who needs it most.

Healing Song (day 2501)

I played along a pathway
That led me to a gate
Two dogs awaited for my step
Took me far away
I stood upon a lookout perch
Vista in front of me
Here I fell into reverie
Lost in a sea of thought.

Pains that touched me
Held my hand
Cried at me in vain
Smoked me down atop that perch
Led me to my spot
For which I had been looking for
For which I had to stop.

My two dogs heard me
Which took me away again
They licked at the new wounds
I hadnt properly healed
They said to me that all in time
I’d learn to caress again
So there I lay upon the clay
One hand before my very heart
Singing the song I had to start.

Daddies Rusty Gun (day 793)

I used to be a dangerous babe
Then I dashed away my stripes
And wrote away my lovers
I stuck them like pigs
Flapping in the breeze
Their hearts around my neck
In golden lockets
Blazed with scorn of time
Shifting about my mothers brow
I splattered about my mirror
My soul, so I could watch it
In pouting and daunting sex appeal
Seemingly oozing down my leg
As if spit on me by studs
Strap-backed homies with
Daddies rusty gun

I used to be a dangerous babe
Then I stripped away my vain
Carved remorse into my pale arms
And blew kisses into the wind

If Roads Began To Wind (day 646)

If words like these did sting your ears
If flowers no longer blossomed in your eyes
If roads began to wind for you
Forever may those distrust in me

If I spoilt the love I have today
For a love I won’t have tomorrow
Then let a darkness be the bearer
Of steps I do declare

If my virtues contrast my ways
If my habits exceed my grace
Then let my name ring out in laughter
As a man who toiled his life in vain

If a blade took my life tonight
The ice pulling down my being
If an end does finally come of it
And sets my soul to float away
Which pierces through your heart in pain
Then let your suffering be felt by me
What my dying breath shall whisk away

Deep Dark Mystery (day 467)

I plunge headlong into unrelenting waters below
Unafraid of heartbreak and turmoil they lead me to
For on this path, I am unaware of else that calls
It is I who seeks divinity

But I who seeks is not so vain
To ignore love from other souls
Embrace it well, and share the same
I cry out loud to enjoy the hard rain

Further out breakers roll off moons shiny path
Tempting eyes to dance amongst nymphs
Who carry candles as they weave their way through the conscience
It is this that controls freedom of thought

And I upon this ground so solid
Feel further into the future
Letting go the knotted, slimy tether
Holding together what the sworn remember

Steps (day 407)

I sit here upon the steps of Notre Dame
Waiting for the future to escape from my dreams
I’ve planned for the hour at which my chariot shall come
I’ve dressed for the occasion, prepared my hair
One last look to the north I shall make as I rise
Putting on my shoes I shall salute those who have before
My time it is now to become forever known
My guises have disappeared, countenance unknown
Tomorrow is another day, inevitably one
I ask myself again: “where to art thou, against vain?”

Simply In Vain (day 350)

How much has been said about what we do find
Deep beneath the solid layers of pine
We rake and we groom, shovel and we dig
Perhaps it’s all in the shape of our rig
The ending is the beginning is the same in the rain
The trollys will continue, in circles hardly vain
Then here, with the lot of it, we sit and we pout
Trying to figure out the riddles of our gout
Even with the long lines, and bustling desires
Have we ever found a whistle blown not by a squire?
So then we do perfect that which we’ve had all along
The deepest and darkest and lightest of songs
It’s one and the the same
Simply in vain