It’s Not A Job (day 3015)

I’ve been sad lately,
Sad or introspective
It’s sometimes hard to tell
What the difference is,
Isn’t it?
Trying to decide what is better:
Sunset or sunrise.
You know me,
I’ve always been a sunset
Kind of person.
It’s like I’m seeing the end
And not wanting it to end,
Or perhaps it’s
The overwhelming work
Still to be done here.
And yet my hands do not tire
Finding tasks
That take less mental strength
And more physical exertion.
These are nice tasks
That leave me sweating
And feeling like I’ve done
A job that needs to be done.

Heat (day 429)

Soaking in the heat with a slow moving fan
Flapping the loosely hung posters on the wall
Shifting the status of the sweating hairs of my head
Into that summer kind of look
Into that salty taste that feels oh so good between the sheets
Iced drinks that perspire instantly
Leaving stained circles everywhere they sit
Water just doesn’t saturate
And complications arise when movement entails
Actually moving