Echo (day 2328)

I have left a line here
What have you to say?
I’m lost inside singing
Everything I have to say.
Don all our small caps
Write what you dare say.
Call me a surprise
Performed? I cannot say.
One at a time now
Share what you’ve to say.

Rabbit’s Foot Luck (day 1776)

Imagine my surprise
When I came to see your eyes;
In front of me,
So wild and free
And carelessly wandering about
Indescript lines
My heart would forever dream could see.
For decidedly my time
Would wash my deepest thoughts
From holding me inward,
To let forever be free,
To let unanswered be me,
For my soft rabbit’s foot luck
Rested in the eyes
Set upon the brown moon of my heart
Traced in hands I reached out to be.

Collecting (day 1239)

Elliptical and magical
And all the right reasons
For insults and slaying
And positive disorder.
Magnets and surprises and
Delightful little nooks
To call where I stand
My own, and leave whispers
Anonymously sprinkled about
Like two cans of spray paint,
Like a schoolmaster’s lisp,
Like the memory of a highschool
Late night in bed,
Struggling to calm the mind
Of all things ticking,
Only to wake – in what
Seems like minutes –
To resume collecting again.