Secret Eyes (day 2764)

I heard you over every drone
That came into my eyes
Little did I know I could
Whisper every note to you
Though I couldn’t remember
What had brought me here
I slumped into your presence then
With my ginger and soft tipped pen
But you decided to remake
The last scene of every book
That had two lovers lost at sea
Who found each other near the end
But how could we remember
What had stolen each of them?
How could we begin?
I left my secrets at the door
And then I heard your secret eyes
Tell me everything again
Tell me all I had to hear
For I would wonder nevermore
As you were here as I was here
Like sunflowers in summer air
Like dandelions woven in your hair
Like cheap sunglasses you always wear
In what I see inside your eyes.

Boardwalk of Whiterock (day 1823)

I remember high waisted love
I had to try on
In summertime I was
A hopeless romantic singer
Sentinel at my perch
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

Every passing and going
It was summertime affair
I heard wind blowing
Seagulls culling
And I out to my sea
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

Now my vessel aboard
Sunglasses and a city of scores
Tide’s low sandy toes
And my voice crying out loud
For nighttime’s aglow
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

West Coast Tofino Ucluelet - PNW photographed by Ned Tobin

Teach Me the Moment of That (day 972)

Teach me the moment of that.
The moment we collided
In an orchestral orgasm,
Ecstasy of fragrants and essences…
And soft music blowing
Leaves in a swirl about our thoughts
That hang like spring rainclouds.

Teach me the moment of that.
Where I walk on the balls of my feet
Through soft summer warmed sand.
Seagulls walking quietly, lazily,
Hand in hand with sunglasses and oversized hats
That smile at most all things,
And run home to.

Breakfast In The Morning Panties (day 716)

We met up for drinks, it had been a long time coming
You with your crippling smile sucking margaritas through a straw
Tattoos in pink running up and down your arms
Crop top and flamboyant sunglasses
I could see it in her eyes, written up and down and in
Staring me right back, inviting me
We flirted unceasingly, enjoying the atmosphere of the joint
Back and forth about life, love, sex, and making a difference
Pushing into regions normally reserved for intimates
But we were intimates, we had already been over that line
Flushing out the spinning daisies with deep breaths and dilated pupils
Desire spoken through eyes
“Want to get out of here?” were my words
We were in a big facility, one with public washrooms
“Meet back here” we both demanded
No arguing; arousal and a full bladder don’t mix
By this time we understood the page we were on
I was out before she was, I started wandering
I looked back and saw her peeking into the men’s washroom
Intentions written all over her tippy toes
From behind I wrapped my arms around her
Walking her into one of the classic stalls
She was already pulling at the waist of her pants
Smooth tight skin of a woman who exercises
Pulling at my pants too with unleashed passion
Normally, I can remember thinking, normally I catch my breath
But this state of elation wasn’t coming down
This hand down my pants wasn’t slowing down
I wanted to ask her how much she weighed after I easily lifted her
Back against the wall, legs wrapped around my hips
I was distracted with my head in her hands
She was biting my lower lip as power cursed through my veins
Hands cupped around her ass, her firm exercised ass
Easy to dig my fingernails into in my moment of pure passion
Euphoria, her’s and mine own
As passionate as our discussions earlier
Life, love, sex, and making a difference
We walked out of that public washroom hand in hand
All the way to her Eastside flat
I asked for her number with intention
Because she didn’t have to ask me to stay
I walked in like I owned the place
And expected breakfast in the morning panties