Torrents of a Storm (day 1198)

Today I dove into the earth
Straight to my father, Hades.
He spoke of worry, and other sorts
Of malady and ill-practice.
I lamented these points
In great detail, until my eyes filled up
With great regret,
The sorts that has no name.

Persephone, the great King’s wife,
Delighted me with wine,
And as we sat in the great hall
My eyes grew heavier still.
Until the calm of so much storm
Threw me into: unearthed,
I was no longer man, no longer breathed
All I ever was did mourn.

But just as soon as hell did pass,
Just as the ghost had called my name,
I woke at once, with a great start,
And Nothing welcomed me home.
So there was I, burnt inside and out,
Left to be held close by Nothing.
There were no words, but all was said,
Until calm rolled over my mind.

Lost is always a mystery,
A lance driven in by force.
But so is joy and unbound glory,
To the victor go the spoils!
‘Till at last the weeds come out
All laid out for thy viewing,
Where sparks become the ignition
To infinity forever after.

Upon my pony I did gallop,
Into up out and off to my home.
I crawled around and foraged a while
To scavenge for my dinner’s meal.
And there I saw, in haste to my father
I had missed what now spoke to me,
A field of love, in golden ripe
Which at last meant I was at home.

Swings (day 1057)

Because delicate sparks
Flew towards
The sor-cerers pot.
Can you sit
For a while
Just to
Sing me a song
Like there is love
All around
You’re in love
With a sound.
Through my heart
To the ground
Beautiful words
Swing around.

[and the soundtrack to the poem, on repeat if you wish]

Nooks and Crannies (day 578)

Willfully pulling you against me
Pressures begin to rise inside
Your breath blows imaginary curls
Resting around the back of my neck
I fondle your nooks and crannies
Exploring this secret frontier
With eyes so wide they freeze frame
And memorize the goddess they behold
Sparks whiz and whirl around
Bouncing off the walls
Darting between the sheets
And colliding with us lovers
I breathe deeply and inhale the essence
Choice words play at the edges of my tongue
As I arch my eyes at the cresting moon
Deep inside the dark caves
Of the night sky that gazes down
While lovers tangle in happy delight
Little whispers saunter around the room
Hiding behind dusty books for another day
And lovers fade into pillows
All thoughts have come and gone
Except smiles, smiles do remain