So It Came (part VIII) (day 3180)

(part VII)

So then began the great shift
Where the governing body
Began to change their tone
From Fear
To security, safety, comfort.
They began to have solutions
To the Fear they had hired
Vaccinations were sold
That were un-tested
And mostly placebo.
Government decided
To begin giving bribes
What they called bail-outs
To failing corporations
Failing companies
Who suffered big losses
In the times of fear.
But the companies were their own
Companies they had shares in
Companies their friends worked at
Companies they were on the payroll of.
All for the Fear in their hearts.

(part IX)

Agreeing To Be Depth (day 2850)

I am awoke by change
No longer mind frame
A Chancellor of fate
Calling to his wild.
Gods are word-spells
Agreeing to be depth,
For this shall – and will not –
Be a poster boy for stagnate.

Lessons are ritual,
Observation a practice,
Mind-spend: currency,
And Gaia a dotted map
For discovering a new way,
No longer to submit
Anchoring of truths
In unconscious fits
Of anxiety and loss,
Amidst coldness
With sugar dust
Toxic sold bliss.

Remember? (day 333)

Remember me? The boy of y’or
The boy who used to sing to himself as he wandered down the block
Tripping up each step to deliver the paper
Remember those early mornings when I’d swing on by?
To the tune of a rusty old wheel
Spread across your driveway like the memory that remains

Do you still think of then?
I do
It comes back clearly on the days I’m alone
Like looking up at a headlight as snow’s coming down
Always remember that, but it’s never quite as clear

The house is sold now
It’s not quite the same going back
It’s almost at the point where I forget the address
I don’t think I can remember the phone; that’s ok
I still remember the road there
And all the forts we built in the forested backyard