More (day 826)

Don’t ask me to laugh
Only crying
Sad, long tears
Breaking apart
Tectonic plates
That built civilization
Erected skyscrapers
Tormented millions
With juggling sadness
And sobbing
And shouting out for answers
Don’t ask for more
There isn’t remittance

Tear Drops (day 450)

Through these tears shine happiness so true
Struggling with all their might to break on through
Soaking the countenance with unabashed pride
And plundering the graceful present with sobbing

Last of all the Angel who never breaks free
Floats above the left over games like Athena
Voices whispering into my right ear of hope
Surprise visits at opportune times

Wheels spinning along the dusty gravel road
Forward the time swaps backward, again
Listlessly awaiting high noon in a fashionable way
Counting the tear drops as they hit the floor