Sun (day 328)

I have wandered these busy streets
With nothing but the friends in my head
I’ve screamed out loud
At the top of my lungs
And only the birds do seem to respond
A ghost has come and taken my brother
It’s swept him away from my life
But then, in good faith
Placed back in my path
A soldier of fortune
Upon which I rest
If fills up my smile
It shades in my hair
It lingers around as I walk
Today I smile
Because I am alive
I am a soldier in the mail

Moment of Truth (day 172)

I made a decision
That decision was easy
It was a choice on a matter
Of whether or not
To allow me a luxury
So simple and trite
Inside it is truth
Inside it is me

It radiates outwards
Like the new day’s sunshine
It warms up the heart
Like fire in the hearth
It came to me today
In a moment of truth
To smile for a while
And smile I did do

Forever in The End (day 121)

A line begins
But a line must end
So shall sun
So shall the wind

But love that curls
And love that whirls
Should make thou smile
Under all that’s else

I want you happy
If it means I’m sad
I want your worries
In a far off land

Then you couldn’t frown
Or bend that soft brow
With troubles far away
Many a long gone day

It shall never be changed
My sturdy feet I have
I’ll be here forever
Till you’ve found your strength

One day, my lover
One day shall soon
Call upon each other
To bend around the moon

And in this day
At this day of judgement
We’ll only ask ourselves
Did I follow my heart?