I Really Want To (day 2155)

I really want to
I really feel like finding the motivation inside,
To reach out and scream,
To run until my lungs are burning
And life’s pain ceases to hinder me.
I want to jump and swing
And yell like a charging elephant
With my eyes glaring down
Doers of injustice.
I want to slam my fists in to walls
And flip over tables that seem impossibly immobile
Tearing down pictures
Smashing plates and pottery.

I really feel like seeing red,
But then I remember how delicately precious
Life’s wings are
As I watch a bird fly by,
As I catch the sun setting
Leaving behind a gentle golden gradient
Filling my eyes and heart
Until my inhale matches my exhale
And my toes tingle happily at peace.

This Ain’t Your Road (day 1504)

This is strength.
This is a pivotal moment of heart beats
And feet, feet, feet
Into words, hearts.
We die lesser then nothings.
Of animals of instincts,
Of wrecking, no! Smashing defenses
In an offensive!
This is pure domination
With reckless ambitions
Hurting weakness,
Hunting challenge.
Fighting all the juicy tricks
With juicy tracks
Along the road of
You ain’t ever gonna be here, sucker.

Mic check.