Passing By (day 880)

Perhaps I shouldn’t have heard it
Ears pierced forever more
That lay me down
To press me round
Into oblivion

But who was I to say it nay
To say it wasn’t right
For passing by
As I was high
Hardly did I note

Say it is true that now I sit
Wondering what then went on
It wasn’t mine
To kill the time
Gone my piercing truth

Lover… (day 438)

Lover, come home to me
Let me feel you beside me now
Forget space that has grown
Let night grab us here
And take hold as we dance away

Lover, whisper in my ear
Let sweet sounds heat my breath
Lay me low against the time of night
Push away that cause this
Uncomfortable space between us

Lover, hold my hand a while
As we walk off into the distance
Searching for a sunset
Amongst romantic castles
Stone fences, and cobblestones

Lover, sit with me here
Lets make our backs hurt
Our asses numb
On these cement benches
Staring deep into the horizon

Orwell (day 356)

Today I do roam where Orwell has roamed
I sit upon a bench he did use
Perhaps with a breath
And a length of my hair
I shall hope to hear what he says
For then, in the end
With the hopes of my wind
I could find myself content
In his shoes
But had I not found
The peace he once did feel
Then I too would fall in a heap
So pretend for a while
As I am at this hour
That I sit in a place
He once sat

Break in the Day (day 109)

Sun that’s hotter than a well used oven
With young faces that are nervously wonderin’
Alerted by the slightest disturbance

But me, I still look for an empty corner
Away from the clamoring multitudes over
My fate sits fixed as is my countenance

Waiting sit I as I wander nearer
Playing with the time waiting for the bearer
Maybe we all feel this sustenance