Machete (day 2611)

I go to bed late and forget to leave the evening candle burning
It sits beside my machete that waits for another attack
That ripped my great grandmother from her life
These Wild Men came, ignoring her fire
Her embers burned yet they stole with little regard
Fair play existed when hands were harder
When banks weren’t lawmakers
Lawless was irrelevant to those who upheld order
Gunslingers or good singers or Moonshiners all made their way
Through the land of hard work, good cooking, and square dances
And my machete sits sharp

Boardwalk of Whiterock (day 1823)

I remember high waisted love
I had to try on
In summertime I was
A hopeless romantic singer
Sentinel at my perch
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

Every passing and going
It was summertime affair
I heard wind blowing
Seagulls culling
And I out to my sea
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

Now my vessel aboard
Sunglasses and a city of scores
Tide’s low sandy toes
And my voice crying out loud
For nighttime’s aglow
On the boardwalk of Whiterock.

West Coast Tofino Ucluelet - PNW photographed by Ned Tobin

Woody Guthrie (day 539)

Amongst the dustbowls that chased the nation
Midst a war ‘gainst fascists
Duststorms blew up a comedian
Writer in his mind that worked
Frustrated as he aged along
A man that wandered as he wished
Floated West and to the East
Trying to free his voice that sang
His guitar that could only play along
To a man who attended his own memorial
A man who’d left his mind behind
On a road that was long and never straight
That left a line to Tom Joads sorrow
A line to Cathy that broke the straw
That spent this man’s despair
He changed the world and opened its eyes
With words that spoke to them
All across the nation as it sang
Woody Guthrie you shall remain