Whirlwind (day 933)

Leaves fly around the whirlwind
Sheltering the misunderstanding
From memories that crawl
Over cold stone floors
Scraping well-worn wooden chairs
Hollow echoes reverberating
Through the whirlwind

I cannot shelter a dove
One whose wings sweep the fresh air
Flapping through autumns deep and husky caress
I cannot Angel the Satanic circles
Pressed between my lips
Biting hard on the whirlwind
That stares, no, floats down my long nose

But then, just as long sands sweep starboard
Just as couches recede into forgiven nightmares
And as hollow steps fade into brisk airs of dawn
Whirlwinds shake down the last remaining hope
Caressing it with intimate kisses and blueberry muffins
And a comfort filled with such sentiment
Teddybears peel off their 2D stares and flicker smiles
That melt mirrors and write happiness into loose leaves
Floating off into the wide expansive whirlwind

Ambition’s Race (day 819)

It is not I who shelter your conscience from the bitter truth of denial
It is not my sword that slays last hopes in fitful cries about bloody battle grounds
It is not my spells which sheath truth to avoid speaking amongst those who whisper wrongs by name
Nor is it the timbstrels who dance around the spoils of victory
That shake the knees of that noble fervor so deeply rooted in passions teeth
It is the lofty words of treachery and treason that curse the steeds of ambition’s race

Drained and Bled (day 722)

Refined the madness will walk away
At seasons end to sell your hay
Share the sun, enjoy each day
But don’t get lost along the way

Then if the last straw be drawn
Finding you left standing on the lawn
No goods leftover to be pawned
It will be sorrow; all sun be gone

It’s known it’s fearful inside this head
Laughter spinning around the bed
The makeshift scarecrow: no wit, dead
No roof to shelter, no home to stead

But not all’s lost when wits have fled
A lone wild grouse found and bled
Enough to feed and safely tread
At least for a little while, to ease the dread

Regurgitating Madness (day 488)

You only get stronger when your heart is aching
G Love and His Special Sauce has been know to sing
Bright lights and city streets seem to grab me
Chase me under the bridge and seek shelter from the rain
Dying in the lost spaces that close down borders
And holding on to the empty gates that keep flying open
Unsure whether to jump off or to stay around for the ride
Unwilling to admit that I’ve done this ride before
Wide eyes and itchy noses, closes, Moses
Ran two hundred leagues to spread what he believed in
Understanding the inner voice that cared not for turmoil
Or was it turmoil that led to his prophesized greed
Did he only want a new land to live long and prosper
Then with the enemy and dire straits dead ahead and laughing
The poor stock was chosen directly from the top of the barrel
Easy pickings and lost siblings and leftover pieces of sandwiches finished
Don’t die my love! Don’t leave me here in this cold and darkened world
All unaware of my surroundings and digging a hole for the safety net
It wont provide. Only illusions. Always illusions that separate the now
From the bitter truth of the present. Ever looming present
That doesn’t present presents at all only thoughts of what has once been
But let it die, die, die my darling into the depths of an unclear and dark pool
Let it float out of sight so that even the dog staring into its own eyes
Becomes bored and uninterested with the passing moments of time
Never-the-less, don’t take my warnings for they are deaf and dumb
They lack any solidity like the passing gas of an old dog sleeping
Mere regurgitating madness from a voice hidden behind the walls I lean against
Mere ghosts lingering in the ethereal silence that closes in around me