This Vessel (day 2559)

I’ve grown fond of tripping over ropes as I lean forward at the rail upon this mighty ship.
My hair blows into my face and it feels good letting go,
Though each time I rummage for more hope
I feel the wind crying at me as if I have always forgotten to say goodnight to it.
But I havent!
I whisper my serenity prayer each night I lay awake in bed,
And count the trees bending under the weight of their new leaves blowing to and fro.
I am forgetful, so I cannot be perfect.
But I plan my next voyage with this ship the vessel that will take me there,
Which makes me smile as my hand rummages through a few frayed strands that tell me stories.

Ode to Darkness (day 1910)

Your sweet cloak, my serenity;
My forever once again
Lasting into comfort zen.
My vision slowly blurring
Into fuzzy warmth of my sleepy hallow.
And the day flickers back
Upon swift coattails of your speed,
I – licking gently at scars
To perform my holistic lobotomy,
Wrap my strong arms around you,
Curl my long legs beside you,
And release my control,
For you are my omnipresent
Singing so sweetly.

Summer’s Butterfly (day 1832)

If for a moment your breath should be
Delicate, as summer’s butterfly floats
Then my mind should wander free
Upon full mountains of your slopes.
For blossom precludes summer’s growth,
Where upon our butterfly soaks
In unrelenting glow of Helios,
There, ’tis there I am to live
To cast my heavens stroke in soil
Upon our warmed hearth of serenity.

Into An Envelope (day 924)

Conscious slipped into the envelope
Daring the nocturnal feat like wisdom on ice

Memories flip-flop over the landscape
Wooden circle stains hovering dangerously close
To Turkish tea
Little glass handle-less cups
I’d melt a single sugar cube
Balanced on a mismatched spoon

Through big bay windows
I’d get distracted with cats
Hushed away by crazy-hairs
But beautiful foreign lovelies
To my journey’s eyes
I would reach out and touch
With my curious eyes

I’d watch patrons, their rituals
Some hipsters would come in
Groups of them, shattering serenity
With chess, checkers… what else was there?
What else did there need to be?
Sweet eyes, dimples
High waisted 70s chitter-chatter

There was a couple I loved from afar
Full of love and soft mumbles
That sat in different spots each day
Depending on direct power
The second day I took their seat
Where they had sat when
I had fallen in love
The first day at that joint

Cheers darling, I had to say hello
I love your guitar, your dimples
I love language as it rolls off your tongue
Easing my weary shoulders down
Below this shading summer tree
My new folded philosophy

Galaxy Spins (day 849)

Join me as we sweep the shores of life
Fill our thoughts with the echoing moonlight
Walking its way along the banks of serenity

Hold my hand as we swim the warm fall water
Echoing through surrounding mountains
Full of heaven on earth, of sweet Gaia
Sparing her nectar amongst our naked bodies

Share with me as I delight in the stars
Dreams forever entangling our horoscopes
Tightly as the galaxy spins us ’round

Surrender as we bolden our destiny
Enriching its gay step with fruitful love
Eternities gates mobile as we proceed
Into bliss known to all as rapture

Waiting, Awaiting (day 715)

It’s ok if you sit there
Silently waiting for an answer
I won’t say anything to break
What serenity you seem to have
For if I were to make you
A victim of my retort
I fear I would then turn you
Against your finest consort
And that, much to my disliking
Would cause me quite some trouble
Since it’s clear it’s me to blame
For this new tragedy at hand
I feel if I were to speak now
It’d be me head on a stake
So I will sit here smug like
While you quizzically
Throw me glances
And carry on habitually
Awaiting another encounter