Taut (day 2833)

Each glow has been filtered
Down a line of education
Memories clouded
By acid rain
And electromagnetic radiation.
In spite it all
Each effort
Each consciousness
Each advocacy
No singular action could resolve
Bitterness we all so feel strong
Yet must we search on?
Should we seek to find answers
So desperately within our reach?
Should we gamble and risk,
Dream and desire,
Fight and protest,
Gripe and lament?
The glow, ever glow,
Keep the strings taut.

She’s Madness (day 727)

She’s sweetheart
A thousand shades of love
Mixed with a crimson alert beacon
Signalling the end of a search

She’s madness
In peaceful laughter
Hovering around angelic
And gold spots in the sun

She’s all love
Like rainbows and
Puddles of fun
Splashing this way and that

She’s warmth
Lying on the sandy beaches
In the mid-summer heat
Floating off into sleep

She’s a tight turn
Whipping that tail around
Splashing white caps
In her hips and her toes

She’s magic
Allusions in wands
With a pot full of potions
And the power to possess

Necessity (day 447)

It’s time like these
That push us forward
That search the records
Of what we’re looking for

It’s melancholy
This act of faith
Trespassing further
Towards the gate

Then, only a whisper
Reaches the ears
For the distance is
A far reproach

Encouraged within
The act of necessity
A grain to learn
A gain to earn

The Search; The Path (day 217)

When you borrow your blanket
Don’t ever fight the threads that tickle your nose
Let the light wind collapse over your furrowed brow
And rest your pretty curls on my open chest

At last, I’ve waited here for you
I’ve set the table with its places
I’ve lit the candles; welcomed you in
Oh lord, let the sun shine down

When I come again, in another time
I’ll let your eyes hover close
Let your fire flare up
Lets make good and well to the news tonight

A new wind cools our sails
The rise above fits deep within
The railroad creeks on as we circle our life begin
And you, and me, we seek within