The Road (day 2722)

Road has a way of making
Every moment of home a vision
Past remembrances that took away
What innocence I thought I’d had
My rambling price that I never did pay
With the Devil and his soft business
A saddle and a bottle
That keeps dryin’ me up.
There’s a smell I remember
And keep lookin’ round to see
Since she smiled so nicely at me.
What could be better than trying, anyway?
I never looked the way I remember it did
Though I had many good chance
Don’t ask me when I’ll be back.

Wild Meadows (day 2150)

Where the wind blows
My saddle shall rise
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the birds wake me
My boots shall speed thee
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the waves crash down
My trumpets shall shine
O’r the wild meadows she goes

Where the apple falls
My basket shall heave
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the Lady calls for
My heart evermore then
O’r the wild meadows she goes

Rolling Along (day 1941)

A long way from home
And two coyotes howl into the night,
Pale moon’s looking me in the eye,
And I don’t got no campfire going tonight.

A saddle’s a lonesome companion
But this trusty steed’s sure good to me,
Four hooves and a long mane
And my dusty trail goes on.

A valley’s spread is my eager eye
Around every cresting corner,
Naming trees and flicking bees
And I’m just rolling along.

To Come and To Go (day 1785)

With a new passion
I have come to my home
Laid out my plans
I am to come and to go

With a new drive
I have come to my home
Saddled up and ready
To come and to go

With a new heart
I have come to my home
Beating and thrusting
To come and to go

With a new eye
I have come to my home
Eager and willing
To come and to go

My Land | Chapter VII (day 1175)

At night we would all have our tents and sleeping places set and sit around a small campfire. Making too much smoke and light would mean alerting the people we didn’t want to alert. A smart choice.

The coyotes would howl every night. Coyotes and wolves. I hoped they were coyotes at any rate. They never came close though, they were always off in the woods in the distance corralling some innocent prey.

It’s funny thinking about the way nature works without human intervention – naturally this is part of the reason why I chose to head west. In New York ground was ruined most likely forever (or at least scarred) from human’s intervention. There is always a scramble, an urgent scramble to the top, for the most, to accumulate all the wealth, riches, property, land, gold, clothing, food… It’s different understanding the true necessities of life.

The coyotes don’t live with luxuries like leather boots or cutlery or fat bank accounts and they get along just fine. Us humans though, we feel it our duty to posses planet earth and declare it a free for all.

The waste, the abuse, to be entirely honest is there even much beauty to go along with it? I find it hard to believe such transformation of the land is healthy for mother earth.

One thing I enjoy on the trial is the amount of time I have to sit in the saddle and watch the wilderness float on by.

[note: to read the full epic track my land]

Up Against the Wall (day 1093)

I’m alone here,
Not waiting for anyone.
This is the show space;
This is my call.
So when I lean up against the wall
Take a double notice man,
This isn’t curtain call
This is a casual evening stroll…
Saddled and suited
Eyein up the ninety suitors,
Oh everybody comes a calling
When I’m up against the wall.