Rent (day 2758)

A rainbow has landed by my chair
Two shades clearer than yesteryear:
Many cuts more the wiser.
And to my right there burns a fire
So emotive I saw the sun
That held me up as rain came down
Floundered in the far off field.
Then in the soup I had not made
But sat down to enjoy
I sang a song of lucky chance
Though no hardship saved my rent.

Cobblestones and Peeking Moss (day 739)

A moment ago I thought you cared
As we walked on hand in hand
Through sleeping streets
That smiled at us
With empty garbage cans
And full mail boxes

I thought I saw a light in your eyes
A glint of truth that shone on me
I felt a squeeze betwixt your fingers
As we walked down a narrow lane
Cobblestones and peeking moss

We saw a dog in sleeping slumber
Stew about some newspaper litter
We saw a morning coffee drinker
Shivering against the air
We walked past parked sedans
Awaiting their daily deliveries
The painters van, carpenters truck
Covered with working days

Our favorite diner
Was still closed for repairs
But the café with our favorite soups
Was sweeping sleep out of its eyes
Brewing some morning fresh

Then you told me I love not
Last weekend would be our last
A new loft was yours alone
We shan’t be sharing the rent
I don’t remember walking the stairs
To the house we loved together
But words are words
And they’ve been spent
Now there is no more together