Dead Leaves (day 847)

Strolls through the park now are filled with dead leaves

Dead leaves float down from shifting canopies
Deciduous trees slowly sway with mother earths soothing motion

Dead leaves blanket soiled paths laid through summer
A softening, deadening all sounds of scraping dirt
But shuffling along as I push forward

Dead leaves dance with discarded cones
Tossed away in haste during a squirrels preparation

Dead leaves share with me a full spectrum of browns
Reds, oranges, greens, purples, blacks
As they run the test of time separated from their lifeline

Dead leaves tell of turning seasons
Lazy summer indulging into autumns necessary storage
And clear nights turning into frosts morning

Dead leaves share with me the art of romance
Harmony in age
Holding hands with Mother Nature
As she guides the procession forward

leaves on the path

Miguel Raptimus (day 756)

Ssssay ssssstrange friend
Might I trouble you for a ssssecond
I have been sssssearching
For quite sssssome time now
Looking and looking, you ssssee
For the tavern, the tavern
I sssswear it wasss ssssomewhere right here
Lassst time I wasss around
It came sssso eassssy for me
I jussst sssslithered right in
Sssshouted to the barkeep
“Hello Hello! I’m here for a beer”
Ssssay have you ssseen it?
Can you help me sssstrange friend?


Miguel can be purchased here.

At Four AM (day 700)

It’s four am and you’ve just dined on my seven thirty yearning
Ain’t no more lone stars buzzing ’round this night sky
Aretha Franklin making me feel like a SUU-PREME lover
I’ve got soul oozing outa my fingertips
Tracing edges of your naked hips with eyes-wide-closed

I let my words get a little bit dirty, just a little bit
A lazy mid-summer breeze shuttling through these sheets
Carrying the sweet smells of our four am lover games

It’s times like these where life stands still
Where lovers squirm silently under gushing melodies of desire
Darkness concealing tomorrow’s troubles
While a half gone glass of evenings red
Brings our lips together, exchanging our dogged passion
Into pure physical reaction, forever and ever
‘Cause sometimes it’s a feeling baby

Forth (day 223)

As with all roads away
A route returns home
A life never stumbles
Without lessons infused
With meters along the road
Screaming stop signs and
Merge patterns
Green lights and red!

Go forth with the fury of horses
Lights on, overdrive engaged
Heed not the warning signs of truck trailers
Long turns and shiny rails
Keep your eyes on the lines
Keep your path towards the prize
Carry me my young sailor
Into the wind reaching this day