Speak to me Gratitude (day 2727)

I am gone in the order of gratitude
Baked cookies and a overflowing milkshake
Beans for supper but hold the pudding
I’m watching the stars go around again
But Polaris makes me spin around
This collaboration expanding in an exhaust of pain
For a two letter word in a five tree forest
Begun the path, no return
Running silently I empty each bag
Carried for so long, straps begun worn
And something thus calls me, standing I’m alert
Hollering and hollering, Thusurathar
Name me again, gratitude remains.

Mistaken (day 1297)

Mistaken identities reel me,
They collapse my reason
And shuffle my logic into
Tiny boxes that are overflowing
And upset and forgotten,
Lisping away in the corner
With curse words and condemnations.

I filter my logic on some days,
Letting it roll over me in a
Slow head nod with raspberry pudding.
But in the end of most of these days,
I’m still left reeled: reeling.
Misunderstood and forgotten,
Turned away at the door,
Catching my breath and lying awake
At midnight, mistaken.