4 Whole Days (day 2813)

I lost my dog a few days ago
He was my world that you never knew.
It brings me sadness
How little time he spent here
And recognizing how my own life
Moves on from his presence.
I want to remember him
In the little ways he would
Make me feel special,
No mortal soul, I should dare,
Could compare in devotion
And thus it is to the stars
– His own shining star –
That his soul shall live on
Forever in tonight’s sky.
I remember each time
He got under my nerves
He’d run around in circles
Speeding away and then closer
My blood would boil,
My temper would raise,
But as I was trying to control him
I too had to control my own self.
Remembering this, I soon found strength
To take him under my wing
And lead him forward.
Yet no longer can I share this with him
No longer is he waiting at the top of the bank
For me to emerge, amidst day’s light
Wondering what it was
That I was to get up to again.
I miss him, my friend, every part of him
Even taking the ticks out
From his thick winter wool,
I miss his little bites
And my own barking of commands
I miss him involved
In my every day routine
Scooping out food
Making him sit and shake.
I notice my changing;
It’s been 4 whole days
Since I walked through the forest
We minded together;
I notice me changing
Into without my best friend;
I notice me lingering longer
Upon tasks full of focus,
No longer taking moments
To shower some love
Upon a small beast
Whom I every bit miss dearly.

Biggest Blanket (day 2606)

Run away to me today
My mountain sends you songs
Birds of all colours sing
Water keeps running on.

For you, I’ll bring the biggest blanket
Wrap you when you’re cold
For to keep you up so late
Your star to shine so bright.

Find your path brings the lightest toes
For here shall be all you need,
A warm hearth, an accepted heart,
A hand around your waist.

And as your presence keeps me aligned,
My support your stepping stone
Watch here as we two shall grow
Unquestionably what I want to know.

Killing Me Now (day 2304)

I keep hoping
Against all support
That you’ll finally open
To a wonderful life
Without the pain
That’s killing me now
Lying here saddened, alone.
It is not truth
That stricketh fear upon thy stone
Or longing of thy presence, no
It is your warm touch
Instead of coldness
And the brow of kindness
Instead of the eve of sadness
Lost breath that slowly
Walks away with you
Killing me now.

Laborous Love (day 2220)

I want to love you so laboriously
A weight ten thousand Sherpas
Could hardly carry.

Each step would be unforgiving
My knees would creak with each movement
My face constantly a sweat
Dust from my hard road clinging to my smile.

Your words to me
Would surely move mountains
And I, faithful laborer
Headband keeping my forehead dry
Would cease not for a moments rest.

With your company I would be speechless
Your presence would cause my stutter to grow
Delicately I would choose each word
Slowly spelled out in love.

Inside my stomach would be a maze of butterflies
Every time I would see your eyes,
My heart clocking in overtime
At a full time love affair.

I want to love you so laboriously
Your day would be like sunshine
Slowly rocking in a cool breeze
Of our garden orchard I would always tend.

Downhill (day 1260)

Sweating with a heavy breath
From the hill I had just climbed,
I circled the fourtyfive spouted fountain
Spitting mist like Niagara Falls
On my bicycle gliding silently
To observe, round and round as I went,
I was watched by more than just sweet little birds.
For, at every post there was a valiant sentinel
Eying me as I passed,
Who saluted on the hour every hour
To lords I had never met,
Captains of yesterday
Whose presence was lingering
In the shiny shackles about their vests.
And in my ignorance I sped away,
For my whole route,
From whence I had just come,
Was downhill the whole way!

Squinting (day 1195)

I lifted my eyes and squinted at the distance
Speculating on a mirage, intending to drift.

[Lost words have a tendency to echo
When moments find thee alone, lonely.]

I kick the dust. I follow an eagle trace a long line
About my imagination and wave at it motionless.

This is my breakout. This is my manhood.
I am the angel that washed out to Washington.

[I remember there was an arm that touched.
I looked and a few moments passed before I came to.]

Just like my whirlwind that had brought me to here
I sheltered the locals as I spread my arms and screamed like hell.

To arrows and sparks and roaring engines
Lifting an essence, an indescribable valor.

To sky that lifts my dream and spins my fear,
Pushing endless possibility into the cuff of my presence.

Into a distance that dances with a wavering expression,
Upon a transformation defined by these.