Semi-Opaque White (day 867)

This is me sinking into the glass that’s empty

Subtle tones flickering off the semi-opaque sides
Autumn yellows and oranges from incandescent bulbs
With smiling faces shifting about the vacant spaces
Of this safe-room-white walled habitation

I was wrong when I sang your song with my sad heart
A slow beating heart like footsteps in the snow
Alone in winter’s paradise
Holding your cold hand as the glass set to stone

And too, by then the glass was empty of mischief
Labelled fun by the secret-book-black marker
That always lay beside your handy-dad bed
Wedding-dress-white sheets and matching pillows

And I was sad about falling through this time
When my step moved with falling’s grace
I was sad about falling alone without you
An early-morning-fog around my empty glass windows

For I’ll keep you satisfied if I took the time
Forever and always inside the skeleton of an empty glass
Sliding down steamed windows
Labeled Heart with stapled messages

Damp autumn orbs of wind blown tears
Settling on semi-opaque sides of window’s emptiness
Emptying my heart and welcoming winter’s vacancies
Sinking into answers in white


Garden of Eden (day 742)

Float my soul into the Garden of Eden
Mingling with leaves and bountiful trees
Mocking birds perched upon low hanging branches
Romancing me, graceful as I go
Hovering about the top leaves, I
Choicest of fruits sit proud as I browse

Shifting my wind to float down to sin
Dangling my toes in the faces of maidens
Fair skinned maidens with light saris
Giggling at gurgling water flowing by
Lapping amongst their dangling limbs

They acknowledged me with eyes of fair maidens
Playful touching that aroused my desire
I put forth my thoughts to spellbound their minds
Crazy they gathered with worship and laughter
Sacrificed a lamb for love to come faster
Drums led the way into evenings warm prayer

I curled up my soul into a land finely woven
Light summer breeze blew hanging silk fabrics
Sweet Nag Champa floating through our essence
Turning us on our backs to gaze up in wonder
Moans and groans and giggling and laughter
Pillows upon pillows; pillows galore

Candles were lit as lips were nipped
Fruits from the garden, picked and dipped
Light finely wovens covering our perspiring bodies
Naked as the night stars shining upon us
In Garden of Eden and it’s ten thousand sins

Slowly Melting Away (day 684)

On my better days
I get up before light
Put on my trusty runners
And head out to the path
Where my dog and I
Dodge frozen twigs and poop
Nimbly dancing along
Snow covered trails
Slowly melting away
Causing the walk to be
More like a slide
Through slush

On my better days
I get out of bed
Ignoring the softness
Deep within the sheets
I ignore the pillows
That drown me in comfort
And the warm pocket
I’ve been heating all night
Testing first with my hands
Then my timid feet
Touch the ground

On my better days
This is truth
Though, today was harder

Snowboarder (day 584)

Wind swept pillows molded by a scimitar
Catch a winter surfer eye as if shining like a star
Who, in all his layers, bundled for the fun
Sways this way and that, then carves on away
Bending at the knees, turning from his hips
Launching off cliffs, he soars through the air
A smile cheek to cheek, a scarf warming that
Snow flying everywhere; the markings of a trail
This tells all of a snowboarder’s decent

Nooks and Crannies (day 578)

Willfully pulling you against me
Pressures begin to rise inside
Your breath blows imaginary curls
Resting around the back of my neck
I fondle your nooks and crannies
Exploring this secret frontier
With eyes so wide they freeze frame
And memorize the goddess they behold
Sparks whiz and whirl around
Bouncing off the walls
Darting between the sheets
And colliding with us lovers
I breathe deeply and inhale the essence
Choice words play at the edges of my tongue
As I arch my eyes at the cresting moon
Deep inside the dark caves
Of the night sky that gazes down
While lovers tangle in happy delight
Little whispers saunter around the room
Hiding behind dusty books for another day
And lovers fade into pillows
All thoughts have come and gone
Except smiles, smiles do remain

Tired (day 32)

Tired this late
When slow songs permeate
Deep into starry nights silent shadows

Pillows and nets
With weighted down blankets
Millions of tiny little hallows

Divine the time
Pick up the books and rhyme
Button up shirts and collar tied bows

Be gone my lad
Fear not the fading fad
Illuminated night a star still glows